I need help!

Hey Guys,

I need help. I broke a DV cassette I own and I really need to get the info off of it. Is there a way to do this? Is there a place where I can send it to and get it transferred to a new cassette! I'm really worried here. I put the cassette in the dv cam (sony pcr100) and I hear some weird noises and then the a snap, and I look at the tape and it's been snapped. Am I screwed? Thanks, guys.
You should contact Sony Tech Support. I'm not sure the number, but it should be in the manual. IF not in the manual, then I suggest going to the sony website and find a number, then call them and ask you to transfer you to the correct department =)
Did the outer shell of your cassette break/crack, or did the actual TAPE tear apart?

In case 1. you could transfer the tape reels to another, good DV cassette - it's not that difficult, you just need calm hands and probably a Philips screwdriver.

In case 2. ... This is more of a problem. Better find someone who knows what they're doing and have them cut the torn ends off cleanly and then splice them together using special magnetic-tape splicing tape... (I'm trying not to sound redundant here but I'm obviously failing.
Hey Guys,

Thanks for the advice. I did think it was salvagable because it's a magnetic medium. I think I might know someone who can help out. Thanks again guys
I've managed to repair an analog audio cassette just by carefully sticking it back together on the back of the tape* with clear adhesive tape. I had to trim the excess off but it worked fine afterwards except for a minor glitch around the point of repair.

Your situation is a bit different. Being a digital tape it will most likely have a time code laid down as part of the recording process. I'm not sure if it would cope with an imperfect repair. Also IIRC, DV will use a rotating head that the tape is partially wrapped around when recording and playing back. That may put too much strain on the tape and it may break again or jam in the tape mechanism.

My advice: try professional repair first.

If that's not viable, try it for yourself, it might just work.

*the side that doesn't come in contact with the head
Hey Mal,

I'm gonna get it professionally fixed. If the break happened at the end of the tape (I didn't rewind it) do you think everything before the tear is kosher?