I need some advice about this

here is my dilema I am having issues burning sega cd games onto cdr.

I have used plenty of programs for burning using the .cue .bin and .iso

The list so far is Nero, CDRWin, DiskJuggler, FireBurner etc.

I also have made cue files with the sega cue maker and have transferred all mp3's to .wav

I know my console works because if I put a sega cd game in the x'eye it boots up and runs.

The burned games do this...they take forever to boot to the sega cd bios then it waits for about 35 minutes and sometimes runs the game but not for long once the game needs access to the cd again it takes another 30 minutes.

What could be the problem here?

I have a JVC X'EYE console and a very new laptop with a dvd-+r/rw/cdr etc burner win xp sp2 home, 1gb ddr ram

Now I know I cannot burn CD+G but I don't think that is the issue since 98 percent of the burners cannot burn this method. I know my x'eye will run cdr's cause i played plenty of audio cdrs on it. I want this to work cause I have alot of sega cd games and I just put a new pin switch and modded the x'eye for japan gen games etc. I do not want to get rid of it so I would love a solution or some advice to get this to work right!! ty!

Is it the console? JVC X'EYE? proprietary??

Or is it the OS, software, burner, etc.?

Or is it a user error lol.
which site are you getting the isos from?? are you using convscd to check the region of the iso?? for example I almost put my Sega CD on auction because I was downloading European Isos burning them and trying to run on my USA Sega CD and I only thing I could get was the sound or music but never any game play then I discovered a way to check the region of the ISO so before I burn I make sure is a USA ISO and if it is European I convert to USA!!!
I could never get the convscd program to work it would crash after telling me what region the .iso was. uhh theres no problem here i am just slow. anyone have issues playing the sega cd games on their console? I can get some games to work but there are still issues with all the fmv games like night trap etc. the best game that works on my console is the beta sonic cd game.