I painted my dreamcast.

Check it out!


Cost: Spray paint & masking tape - $8.00USD

Dreamcast - $50.00USD

Time: Prep time - about 25 minutes

Spray painting - about 1 hour

Assembly time - about 30 minutes

Drying time (totally dry) - 24 hours

Other - looks REALLY great with the Blue LED mod
Whoah! You should set up a service or something, that is nice. You've put ideas in my head now, I'll probably try to do this whilst I'm drunk now and end up with 'flakisiiaargh' written in purple permanent marker all over it
Very cool. I think there was a limited addition black DC released with a similar color scheme. As I remember, it was a little pricey. About $200 and that was after the DC was discontinued and the price had dropped to $50 new. But still, love the paint job.
Is this the one you mean?

The R7 one? Either way, they look nice.. I like the black transparent casing you can get for the DC, but I've never seen controllers that'd match it.

Have you got a Jackson Pollock bed cover?
I think thats the one I saw.

Hey, Let me know how the window and neon light mod goes. I'd love to try that one. If it works well, maybe you could post a some instructions?
nice. i was gonna do that to my GC too, but the thing has like 30000000 layers to it and takes like half an hour or more to open it.
Originally posted by DCMASTER@April 25 2002,11:12

Im gonna try to put a window in the CD Lid, and then pop a neon light in there. That'll look hot.

Sweet. Love custom setups like that. But I know if I tried to do that myself it wouldn't come out quite as good... ??? If you do get that window in with a neon light I'll be tempted to try if you were to put up some directions on how you did it (keep that in mind
Im only 15, so i may ruin my DC. Like crack the lid or burn my finger on the neon light or something. But ill try for all u :)
Well, even if you do screw up the case you can get a new one. Or you could just get another one and try it on that. Wouldn't want to mess up your fine job
Make it, make it! ooh! My mind races with new ways to insert the gdrom! And lets not forget the vibrator pack! Gives a whole new meaning to forced feedback! :woah: