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Ive been saving these up for weeks . To post all in one thread .

First off ebay I strongly dislike esniping , especially when Im buying , its very bad for sellers ebay and the honest bidder .

Why , part of what makes somthing desirable on ebay is all the bids on it , 1 alot of morons out there will buy anything at any price because they see theres 20 other bids on it so it must be cool . 2 less actaull bids are able to be placed on an item . 3 I see somthing right after its been placed make an allright bid on it look at it 10 minutes before auction ends i think I won it and some bastard comes along and places a bid for .10 cents more than me at the last half a second , I dont even have time to counterbid .

This is changing ebay , as a buyer I can only bid once and up to the total amount that id be willing to spend .

As a seller I need to make opening bid the least amount I would take for the item or else I have somthing sell for .75 cents for 5 bid placed all in the last 8 seconds .

As a seller I dont mind sniping if there were no other bids placed on the item and I did the above .

Rant #2 I saw that Ben afflecks going to be Daredevil in the next comic flick , I really never have liked him especially since the first role I saw him in mallrats . Aside from my dislike for him and his acting ability I think hes the totally wrong person for this role . hmm a comic book hero I could see him as ...the tick . On one hand though daredevil is not the most popular comic it does need a star to attract a crowd . Ill go see it grudingly but I bet it flops like the punisher .

Hey ive been wrong before I swore to boycott marky mark movies after I saw the big hit at the dollar theater and felt ripped off and also voilated as an intelligent human being . Mark mark is the worst actor in hollywood . I did see boogie nights after hearing hundereds of people rant about it . The movie was good as his acting was decent .

Last rant I hear there going to start making all movies digitally like they did the last star wars . Let me tell you I saw it at the Contenetial which is the biggest non imax screen in the city of Denver , I had to squint to not see the artifacts distortion and mirepresentations . Now on the tiny staduim seating screens that are not that much bigger than a REAAAAALLLy nice home theater this would look just fine .

Its sad 95% of the theathers in town have gone to these tiny screens 30 movies plexes . The other 5% pretty much play gay indie movies or porn , nice theatres though with lots of history I try to see anything I can that may possibly interest me . So whats next , why dont they just have little private booths and 15 inch tv's like they do at the peep arcades at sleezy x rated stores ? You and you're girl could have fun and pop in a quarter after you get board and decide to keep watching the movie .
Rant 1: Ebay let's your bid your maximum so if someone beats your bid, but your maximum bid is higher, it'll raise your bid...

Rant 2: I got bored when I read "Ben Affleck" and stopped reading the rest of your post.
Hey theres another rant about star wars and digitol media instead of old fashioned film and the way movie theatres are all being torn down and replaced by crummy ones .
Originally posted by Xavier@Dec. 29 2002, 9:36 pm

This is changing ebay , as a buyer I can only bid once and up to the total amount that id be willing to spend .

also i see you like alot of american have an attention deficit disorder .

take retalin it helps .
one of the things i miss most about living in denver was the abundance of indepent theaters, isn't the mayan the one on broadway? i saw perfect blue and ghost in the shell there, they ran 3d porno flicks the week before. then there w's the one closer to the art museum, i saw monoke there and then there's the one by action computers, i saw the straight story there

i swear though, every movie i ever saw in denver, be it at an indie theatre or a chain was woefully out of focus, i don't know whether it's because the peeps running the projectors don't give a fuck or if the altitude somehow affects their mental state when running a movie
Rant #1:

Frankly I don't see anything wrong with sniping. It's who wants it most. If you want it more, bid more to begin with. It's the only way I've ever won anything... ever. It's just the way it is.

Rant #2:

Phuck movies. I'm more outraged by ticket prices these days than anything. Lets just say the dollar theatre costs more than a dollar these days.

new Rant #3:

Speaking of Ben Affleck--People magazine can lick my nuts. My g/f's mother has a subscription and I peek at it now and again. It makes me sick, sick, sick. Why the hell would anyone care about what so-and-so is wearing, or what they do in their spare time, or who their dating from one day to the next. I guess I'm just bitter. What else is new?
Originally posted by sizone@Dec. 30 2002, 9:55 pm

one of the things i miss most about living in denver was the abundance of indepent theaters

I dont know I get all the theatres confused , alot of them are named after indian names or somthing , is broadway south of colfax I think thats the aztlan , could be confused also I think theres two or three theaters or where on braodway maybe more .

Movies being out of focus , i dunno I mustve been in luck the times ive gone my favorite indie movie Ive seen was spike and Mikes sick and twisted animation festival at the bluebird , Ever seen what to do in denver when youre dead ? Its got a few shots in that movie of that theatre , its supposed to all take place in denver but only one or two scenes were actually shot here .
ebay- pisses me off too not so much the snipeing but all the assholes that have gotten thier first PCs or just discovered ebay and think its a thrill to buy shit on line and ebay and blow a load everytime they bid on shit i want

back in the day ( 2 years ago) ebay was great and i was building my collection at great prices - NOW there are all these retards that have all of the sudden decided they want to be collectors too and bid outrageously (thrilling i gues )

- i have actualy gotten emails from other bidders telling me "i dont think so " or "take that" or "i got you scumbag " when they out bid me -- what the fuck is happening in this world where everything has to be a fight

it also pisses me off that ebay brings vintage games to peoples attention - so now you also get the people that dont know what they want they just want to bid on something and say "hey i remember that - ill get that "

man ebay sucks nowdays but theres no other place to go

ben affleck sucks monkey ass so does his butt buddy - i forgot his name

digital movies - that pisses me off too - personaly i hate cgi special effects 80% of the time and i like the grainyness of the filmed movies - just looks better - the digital shit looks too much like real life (only way i can explain it - hope someone understands) also reminds me of camcorder home movies
wow that was a long read.

Rant 1. I like to bid at the last second, it makes sure I win the auction without others bidding the price up even higher. If they dont like to sit there and click on F5 over and over to refresh the screen to make sure that they are the winning bidders at the last 5 min. of the auction, then that is thier fault for not paying close attention to the auction. or simply bid at the last second (or as close to it as possible), that is the only way to make sure you win. I guess Im one of those that get a thrill from buying off of ebay as I only buy something from ebay if I cant find it anywhere else. Ebay seems to have what I need, and bidding and winning the auction feels damn good. Its not like walking in a game store and buying a 49.99 dollar game and walking out the door, on ebay its more fun to compete with others on the item you both want.

Rant 2. I dont care for ben affleck or dc comic book stuff, so? hmm... I thought Marky Marks acting was good in Three Kings.

Rant 3 I agree with you about the new digital movies suck in theatres. I tried to keep all of this as short as possible for those who hate my long boring posts.
Rant 1: That's the main reason I don't use Ebay. But I do know it's hard for people who live in areas where you can't get 2nd hand video game stuff and anything else

Rant 2: Being a comic book nerd (formerly), I do hate it when they make a superhero movie just to be capitalist pigs and make big $ for themselves and dont care about the story or respect the original writer who put so much effort into their character and series.

Rant 3: My attention span is pretty short *drinks some ritalin* what were you talking about. Oh yeah! What's wrong with indies? Wait are you agains indies or gay porn?

Oh, and remember the movies "Captain America" and "Steel" and those others...damn, just...damn. Maybe it's better if you don't remember those.