idea tyme

i have an i dea and want to know if its worth looking into,getting an old demo cd with the format code,and putting some sort of chemicle on the cd that removes the foil,then seeing if it will boot that way?
the foil is only a reflective layer, there's no data on it. the actual data is in a chemical below it, which can't be removed without destroying it.
I don't understand what you'd be trying to achieve with that anyway, nor how it is easier than obtaining and fitting a mod board to your Saturn.

im not really sure either,it was just an idea that popped into my head,i have a couple more questions, where can i get a modboard(best,cheapest) and a cd-r/w mod,is that a board/chip i would put in,or would it be something id screw with on my saturns innards?
to boot cdrws you need ot be able to boot cdrs in some way, then perform the modification described in the misc section

most of the retailers selling modboards are selling the same boards, so do a serach and shop around, the only thing that is likly to affect your choice is how cheap or how quickly they can get it to you
I got mine from - but as megametalgreymon says, shop around, there are quite a few retailers selling the same thing.

The mod board is a device that allows you to run CD-R games on your (model 2) Saturn - you plug it in, solder a couple of wires, and that's it.

This is just my personal opinion, but I would strongly advise against performing a CD-RW mod - given how cheap CD-Rs are these days, why take the risk?