identifying versions of night trap

from what i read on the board, there are apparently 2? versions of night trap for the scd, censored and uncensored. i was wondering if there was a way to determine which version is which without having to play through to the kitchen scene, such as them having different product codes or something? i have a version with the following information:

product code T-04903-01

copyright ©SEGA 1992.SEP

can anyone help me out with this?
Ya know...I wish I could tell you...All I know is that I feel mine is the non cut version....(I used to play this game alot)
I would also like to know how i can figure out whether i have the censored/uncensored version...

IE: What do i have to do to see the censored part of NT?

BTW, i'm still learning how to play... kinda confusing without a manual =(
Its really easy to play. You load the trap when the bar is on RED then you spring it, You change the color access when they change it (You have to play att in game) Other then that its easier then Double Switch
if you have the box the uncensored one has the girl in a bra and the censored one has her in a shirt i believe but i forget really it's been years since i've actually had the game.
can someone tell me at what time and what room am i supposed to go to view the "censored" scene?! I wanna know what all the fuss was about...

it wasn't the scene with a dude hanging upside down draining blood in the kitchen closet was it? It wasn't too gory nor scary. There's GOTTA be something worse than that. anyhoo, tell me how to get there! =)
that's the censored flick!? That's nothing... that's the flick you get if you can't save one of the girls and you get disconnected right? I thought there was something worse than that?!
It wasn't really all that violent in the first place, mainly because the budgets for Sega CD FMV games weren't all that big. But it was violent enough to honk a couple of senators off.
My question is, did it stay censored in the 32X version.

I remember that death scene (the bit with the drill... [pun intended]), but it didn't strike me as very graphic, so I wonder if it was similarly edited.

Maybe I've just seen too many b-horror flicks and it seems tame to me :)
yes it IS the bloody body hanging upside down in the locked closet on meathooks that was changed, not a big deal for segacd anyways its colors were so few you couldnt see shit if your life depended on it, If you want the FULL uncut WATCHABLE night trap get it on 3DO or even better yet PC dammit!! lol the sega cd one has the worst control as it is anyways youd be lucky to catch an auger on it even with all the correct times written down....3DO was wayyyyyyyyyyy better... #### shame it was dana platos last carreer move, I really did like her. ;(
That's the info I got from a friend:

when u start playing the game, u know the different things u click on to go to different rooms?

if the panel is 8 squares, its the censored version

if it looks like a sega controller, its the uncensored original

I hope this can help u
so the 3DO version is uncensored? FUUUUUUUUUUUCK! When i was 6 years old my cousin bought it for me and bought a copy of it for himself. THen he rememberd that there was an uncensored version out so he returned that one and went to find an other copy of the game, the uncensored. I wish we knew that that WAS the uncesord version. When we went to buy it back, it was gone. crap! But i still got the instruction book so that's SOMETHING...
alright, i played all the way through the game and i'm still not sure which version i have. i never saw the scene in the kitchen, but i may have missed it or done something so that it didn't take place.

the version i have looks like the same as on the box scan at

according to what people are saying, that should be the box that is uncensored, but the game doesn't look anything like a genesis controller.

so, any new thoughts? does anyone actually have a confirmed uncensored game that we can use to compare? btw, what time is the kitchen scene supposed to take place?
man.. now i REALLY want to play this again. I wish there was at least one FTP on here that had this game. I just don't get why no one likes the 3DO and it's quality games... Stupid choppy sega cd version...