IE6 freezes

:confused Ok, I've used Win98SE, WinME, and Win2k pro on this same machine. A Dell GMT5133 200Mhz pentium with 64MB RAM.

I'll do clean installs, and go straight to afterwards. Winupd request that I install IE6 before other updates, so I do whats recommened. After a reboot, I download/apply the other patches.

Then the problem starts. Randomly when I click a link, or click 'search' on the Google page my whole computer will freeze. Sometimes I'm lucky and it just crashes with a "restart IE click here" window. Or sometimes I'm lucky enough to fool me into thinking it's working fine until I have written a post on the forum but click preview and ... opps, computer froze
mouse, keyboard lights, EVERYTHING is froze. "ctrl+alt+delete" or nothing works. I have to use the case's reset or power button.

For a while I prefered 98SE, but this 1 problem prompted me to upgrade to ME. .. but it didn't solve the problem. So I used ME with IE5.5

Recently I upgraded to Win2k and I was sure the problem wouldn't happan now. so I followed the yellow-brick road and followed the update procedure step-by-step, and before installing any 3rd-party software. and it happens again

Don't recommend firebird, mozilla, or a mac. I know, I know. I want IE for now, period.
... 'till I can afford a mac.

Am I going to have to reformat and reinstall Win2k so I can regain IE5.5? Stupid microsoft and the 'point of no return' or does the uninstall actually restore my old IE.

Also, does anyone else have this problem? I don't think I notice this on other machines 'cept this one. Could this be an unique hardware incompatiblity? Or is IE6 a pain in the ass for everyone?

I once used IE6 for months happily on this same machine, and I loved the blocked cookies feature. However, some update has been done to IE6 that has made it unusable.
I think you might be able to revert back to the old version of IE through add/remove programs.

IE6 has been fine for me though (I have XP) even with the various updates I've installed from WU.
for one, I would recommend using more than 64MB of RAM for 2K

two, I just have to say that you should give Phoenix a long try if you haven't already. Tabbed browsing is SO awesome and the popup blocking alone is worth it (better than any IE addon).
Originally posted by racketboy@May 28, 2003 @ 05:49 PM

Tabbed browsing is SO awesome

I bought into the hype and downloaded mozilla for that very reason.. I just don't see the allure in tabbed browsing, maybe I guess because it was counter productive to the way I usually do my browsing, with my taskbar on the side... hmm but maybe if i could get used to it the tabs, I wouldn't overflow the taskbar with a bunch of ie instances... i'll give it another shot.
I keep all my favorite sites open and open tabs of different news stories/ebay auctions so I don't lose track of them before I read them. Good for comparing eBay auctions as well.

I keep lots of tabs open at work 'cause I read them off and on during my work day instead of a concentrated web session.

IE seems to take up more memory when you open more windows.

I also have many other apps open at the same time some my taskbar gets crowded.

And don't get me started on how XP (by default) groups multiple IE windows.

Oh... with tabbed browsing, you can read the title of each page easier at a glance as opposed to the IE windows in your taskbar

BTW, I have 6 tabs open as I type this
FWIW, I have the same problem on an XP system. This has to be some kind of deep hardware, driver, or kernel bug; IE acting stupid on its own isn't going to hard lock the system like that. The system I have this problem on is a Soyo K7V Dragon Plus (VIA KT266A chipset) with onboard sound provided by a C-Media CMI8738 and additional ATA channels provided by a Promise ATA (optional RAID) chip. If anything, I'd suspect the sound drivers, except that I've run this same chip (same motherboard, in fact) without problems on another system.
I suspect the sound drivers too. Ya know the little 'click' that you hear when you click urls or buttons in IE? it seems to happen during that. .. But not limited to that, I could also be just hovering over serveral links ... like a google results list.

for this week,
, I'm running WinME with IE5.5. Win2k seemed to work great on here, but I could tell it needed more memory. I have it installed on a 566Mhz w/256MB now with all updates and IE6 and it runs great. go figure.

racketboy, I'm not a tab user. but your surfing habits seem like its the best choice! I do however hate popups so I'll give Phoenix a glance when I'm want to mess around.