Implode! New duo game?

Yes, this had been mentioned on Zeograd's site for a while. It's pretty cool to see someone attempting actual commercial development.

By the way, the author's site is here.
I picked up a copy from TZD and I think it's actually not a bad game. Crash isn't bad, but Humpball needs alot of work before it can be playable in 1 player mode... the computer rarely misses the ball!!!

My high score for Implode is currently Level 13 with 52250 pts. Anyone interested in attempting to beat it? If anyone gets a higher score, be sure to post it. We can make it a little friendly competition. Just to make it aware, the game gets insanely hard as the game progresses...
damn I should have written the score down I got to level 17.
IMPLODE is COOL!! and Crash is well, no comment....Humpball is good, but needs music and, yep the computer never seems to miss the ball and its hard as hell!!

I can put my release of this title on any ftps here if anyone wants it.
Hey FAKK2 what the hell you thinking! We're supposed to support the PCE scene dammit! Let people buy it if they want it. When the companies sell out, then post it.
I want to see more quality (???) software released for the system. It's great to see that there are still people who want to support this kick ass system(s).
Quality software??? Implode??? KBW If I have said it once I have said it a million times.....Im like Katisto, I release what I want and when I want and nobody has any say so in the matter but ME!! I have released Implode on the net approx. 6 days after it came out....thats just the way it is....if you want the release contact me and you shall get it....if you dont want it and would rather spend $20 bucks on a upside down tetris game with a horrible 4 page manual, go ahead and do so, I will not stop you....but if you have something against me or my releases, just shove them....Im tired of "everybodys" opinion on the matter of the DUO games....I will release them how I want to....ok.
maby but in the past 4 months or so, Ive gotten over 50 hate mails from wannabe riggers out there saying crap like my stuff dont compare, my stuff sucks, my page sucks ....etc ..etc... and Im just tired of it all, I try really hard (hell I fight to keep it up nowadays) to keep my expensive ass web page up all of the time, and when 99.99% of your email you get are along the lines of "you suck" or "lame ass rigg is better" you get very on edge... sorry if a came across like an assho!e but Im very close to quitting the entire "scene" and make a web page devoted to Anti-R.I.G.G and nothing say the least Im very mad nowadays at allmost everything, I think RIGG started the beginning of it all and its just gotten worse since then.
after my best friend died I promised him to make something special and dedicate it to him, and I have done that, and its been hell, ever since I started to re-release my old releases on my page like Dracula X, Beyond Shadowgate, Dungeon Explorer II and MANY others...I didnt do it because I thought it would cause problems, I did it because I remember the good ol days of playing these great games with my best friend until the sun came up, and I wanted others out there to enjoy the same experience....but RIGG and thier "lame ass leaders" came along and tried hard to screw me over as hard as possible....and piss me off on a "daily basis" has finally taken its toll.
Well, compared to those 50 hate mails, how many people appreciate what you do for the scene? I guarantee a hell of alot more people. This is the type of activity you do for yourself more than for others... don't worry what others say. If you enjoy it, do it and keep up the good work.
you might be right, I do have tons of gigs of downloaders every month but about 1 person a month (if that) says how am I supposed to know if anyone actually wants me to keep it up whan nobody tells me what they think, or even if a link is broken, they dont even tell me...?? its like people will take the time to download everything in sight, but wont even email me to let me know what they think of the stuff on my page, or ask why it isnt updated with something new they would rather have on it....they just leech, and do nothing, it wasnt allways like this either.....just within the past year or so....I think emulation is dying hard...nothing has been updated in ages....N64 emulation is pretty much the same still , neo-geo, and SNES dont really seem to get much better anymore, they simply cant get emulation right at all they fix one thing and break another....people are losing intrest in it, and people used to see a real difference in each new emu release or update, today is just like last year...nothin new at all....all I wanted was a 3do or Saturn emulator anyways, and there still ages aways from that.....and now Im finally starting to collect Jaguar cds and emulation on that is about 50 years away....the emulation community has fallen apart and is no longer the same....there are two different types of emu pages out there, instead of just one kind....there is the emu pages like mine that will put up any emu or rom of any kind and not care what year or system its from, and there are the others like retrogames that wont tolerate even links to pages/roms like mine. and unfortunately the MAJORITY of people out there (like 95%) of them lean toward pages like retrogames because they feel its wrong to emulate anything new.....(within a years time), and well, I believe different.... oh and then the rigg thing started....geez...I dont know what happened...In between N64 Emulation and the DUO releases things got messed up and Emulation hasnt been the same since.
and the way I look at the Implode release is this....if you actually own a turbo duo system, you must have some money because the DUO isnt cheap by any means and its 8-Bit, so if you own the duo. chances are more than likely you will buy Implode just like I did, simply because you collect the duo games and $20 for a DUO game is awesome and anybody can see that. If you are a person that just plays the duo emulators, well.... you're to freakin' cheap to buy the game anyways so they arent losing money either way....its basically just a release so that people that want to buy the game have something to play while they wait for the real thing to come in, PLUS when they get the real game they wont even need to open it for they allready got the cdr of it to play, so the origonal stays in mint condition. ONLY 1,000 of them were made anyways, so if you don't buy it now, chances are you'll never own it after tzd sells out.
Perhaps this likely ill-fate of the emulation scene is meant to be... I don't think the ISDA's enforcement against emulation is really helping... I remember years ago you could find emulation sites easier than you can porn sites... not that I look for that shit anyway (pardon my language). But since the ISDA started cracking down on the emulation scene, people have started to lose interest. Until something changes with the laws, things may never get better... only continually worse.

It's true some people do it the honest way by purchasing the original, then downloading the ROM or ISO for the game and play the burn and keep the original mint... but there are way more, I feel, that do it because they are to cheap and ignorant to go out and buy it helping to further advance the electronic entertainment community. All that is doing is hurting the software industry and hindering further development. Why do people think these gaming companies place protecting on their software? Surely not because they feel like it or have the extra money to burn.

I have visited your site FAKK2 and I find it to be a nice one... but I have never downloaded anything from there. If I ever find something on there that I don't already own the original of, I'll be sure to check it out and give you my gratitude.
I just wish I hadn't missed your release of Beyond Shadowgate.

BTW... Immercenary kicks major ass. I have the original. Definately not easy...
Your most likely right about had to die out someday.

I may put Beyond Shadowgate back up for download next.
I think, Ill put that game up next and Sapphire, considering that Sapphire is selling on eBay still for 500 bucks, it will be a popular download.

I've heard that some "fake" copies of Sapphire has been in circulation. They look like an almost perfect replica, CD image, booklet, back cover, even the spine card. I forget how you can verify the fakes... same think was done with Splatterhouse and a few other PCE/TG16 games. So whoever is buying that copy, may be paying big money for a game worth nothing more than used as another frisbee...
damn that bites...I should have kept my origonal of Sapphire that I bought from TZD ages ago when it first came out (it only was $79.95 at that time), but I traded it for Dracula X later on, because I never could play Sapphire as none of the converters worked properly for it, and I was warned that would happen by TZD before I purchased it. And I didnt heed thier warning, Im so stupid for trading off that game for Dracula X damm!t.!!
Don't give up on us yet FAKK2. We have so much to learn. The crappy people that send hate mail are only louder and bolder than those like myself who wish to give thanks. And KBW is right, there are 10 times as many people who are grateful for what you do, not hateful.
your right segafiend....and I do appreciate the kind words that I get from time to time, it really helps out in a big way...I think Ill keep it going (the web page, and releases) for awhile longer....maby another year or so...
I just wish I knew what game to release next, Ive got sooo many good games...

I have an idea what to release next... How about Beyond Shadowgate or something Neo Geo CD? I have the NGCD2, but absolutely no games for it. It really sucks. :
2 or Z, who cares... they look almost alike... think of the 2 as a sickly Z... anyway, what would you recommend? Your the Neo Geo master around here, aren't you?