In the end of Lunar

Very nice! Reminds me of the fond days of importing kick ass Satrun games! *snif* How I miss those days. I need a new Lunar game now. It would certainly make me go out and buy the console it is on.

While on the subject of Lunar videos, I thought I would share too. I made a "Lunar Promo" video 4-5 years ago, shortly after the Japanese release came out (and long before the PS1 version came out).

You can find here if you want to see it: -- remember, it's 5 years old so if you can play it without a hitch (I think I used Intel Indeo for the codec) then you're lucky! ... maybe I'll try to update it with a newer codec.

Cool, I'll look into it.

If anyone knows where I can find a WAV file (or MP3) of the opening song to the *original* Lunar: Silver Star Japanese release (that would be the SegaCD version) then I can remake it. That is the music the video is set to, but the only copy I seem to have of it is in the video itself.

Ripping it out and putting back into a new video would only make it worse.

Sorry for the late reply, I just found this thread while looking at older posts... anyway, are you still interested in the song? I have it as an mp3 and I'm sure it's in a CDR lying somewhere around

Let me know and I'll look for it and upload it somewhere.
Ya! I'm still looking!

I actually did find one version, but it ended up being different then the one I had. I'm not sure if it was a remix or if I have the remix. If I can find the version I had that would be great!

Although, I started working with the video the other week and found that I can get a good transfer anymore. The CPK2AVI program I have is so old that the AVIs it creates have very bad artifacts in it.

Anyone have a CPK2AVI program that is slightly more updated? The version I have would have been the first (maybe second) version.

Misc. section prob has it......Also to get that sound file, just see if u can find the ISO online, boot it up in Gens, then use the rip audio function thingy, lets u rip to wav or sumthin else...think gym files. Hope this helps, late.