Interesting Secret Found in Sonic Adventure 2

Ok, at first I thought that this was a secret that appeared in only one level, Pumpkin Hill, with the character Knuckles. Big the Cat was there behind a door made of bars. It was definatly him, through 1 of the cracks you could see 95% of him.

Then, I was playing today, getting free lives in City Escape, running from the big truck at the end, when i saw somthing in a turn, at first I thought it was a person, but i remembered that there were no people there. So I came to one conclusion...." it's Big the Cat".

I found him in 3 places so far, and will be looking for more:

1. In Pumpkin Hill: On the mountain with the train turnable, behind a door, into which the ghost train goes into.

2. In City Escape: when you are running from the big G.U.N truck. Big the Cat can be seen on the third turn, you should pause.

3. In Metal Harbour: He is on the platform on which there is a rocket that shoots you to the big rocket. He is on one of the big metal barrels. Because of the camera angle, it is VERY hard to see him, however, you can see his ears pointing out (heheheh).

Edit: 4. In Aquatic Mine, in one of the cages at the bottom.

This is cool.
Yes, I've seen him too. But, only on Pumpkin Hill. I spent well-over an hour trying to get him out of that prison-type-thing.. God knows if you can do it. But, its definately 'Big The Cat'
Yep, I tried to jump onto the train as it goes in and basically everything else. But try the places i mentioned
Wow I thought I was crazy I first saw the cat on the pumkin hill, but I have to check the others out, cool.. Im not insane... woo-hoo!!
I read somewhere that he's hiding somewhere on most levels in the game. There is a purpose for him being there, but I can't remember what it is... I think his locations in the game give a cryptic clue to a secret or something like that.
notice that robot guy from SA1 is there too.. i think hes on shadows highway stage.. wait thats big.. the robot is somewhere