ok here's me

i have never used irc in my life

so i downloaded mirc today

and now what?

i tried to connect to "Random US EFNet Servers" and

that didnt work

so can anyone tell me how (step-by-step) to log on to #segaextreme?

try typing /server /server or try connecting to other specific irc servers until you get connected.
Start of #segaxtreme buffer: Wed Jan 02 22:04:54 2002

*** Now talking in #segaxtreme

*** Topic is '<Airik> I like cock | <Satomi> I'm a queer

dumbass | <m0d3r4t3d> h3y l00k 4t m3, '

*** Set by SkankinMo on Wed Jan 02 20:51:49

<eatpengui> hello

*** que has left #segaxtreme

*** Retrieving #segaxtreme info...

<eatpengui> my first time here

<eatpengui> using irc

<eatpengui> is there a way i can make a shortcut to here?

*** You were kicked by RevQuixo (Arghhhhhhhh!!!!!! )

<eatpengui> ??

#segaxtreme Cannot send to channel

End of #segaxtreme buffer Wed Jan 02 22:04:54 2002

what happened?

so confused x_x