ok here's me

i have never used irc in my life

so i downloaded mirc today

and now what?

i tried to connect to "Random US EFNet Servers" and

that didnt work

so can anyone tell me how (step-by-step) to log on to #segaextreme?



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try typing /server /server or try connecting to other specific irc servers until you get connected.
Start of #segaxtreme buffer: Wed Jan 02 22:04:54 2002

*** Now talking in #segaxtreme

*** Topic is '<Airik> I like cock | <Satomi> I'm a queer

dumbass | <m0d3r4t3d> h3y l00k 4t m3, '

*** Set by SkankinMo on Wed Jan 02 20:51:49

<eatpengui> hello

*** que has left #segaxtreme

*** Retrieving #segaxtreme info...

<eatpengui> my first time here

<eatpengui> using irc

<eatpengui> is there a way i can make a shortcut to here?

*** You were kicked by RevQuixo (Arghhhhhhhh!!!!!! )

<eatpengui> ??

#segaxtreme Cannot send to channel

End of #segaxtreme buffer Wed Jan 02 22:04:54 2002

what happened?

so confused x_x


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if you want files go into #segaiso, and type "!megagames" to access Megametalgreymon's fserve. it should say that a user wants to connect with you. Say OK. From there type "dir" to see the files, "!disk #" where # is a number from 1-? (around 7 or 8), "cd _" where _ is the directory you want to change to, to change directories and .. is back one level. Type "get _" where _ is the file name to get in line to download a file. You will also want to , go under DCC, then options, and I believe it's under folders. There'll be an "Ignore" box or something to that effect. Switch the drop down to disabled. And make sure to uncheck the box that says "Turn ignore back on in 3 mins". Hope this helps, i know it took me a while to figure out how to work mIRC, but princess crown was enough incentive =)