I know it's hard to type:

"yes/no it's the sequel"

"yes/no it's just like night trap"

"yes/no it's not fun"

but doesn't anyone want to try?? :(
No, it's not the sequel.

Yes, it's just like Night Trap.

Yes, it's fun. Of course, some detest the FMV games. I happen to like them.

I'm all for looking up the info myself. I do that all the time. I tried finding info on the game but couldn't. So I came here to see if anyone knew.

The thing is, this is a board... so if we all have to "go look up the info on our own"... what's the point of the board if it's not to help and convey info??

Anyway, I'm glad it's not the sequel. I was hoping for a fast response so I knew if I should buy it or not. Had it been the sequel I would have bought it right away. But I didn't get an answer fast enough and the game was sold to someone else. Too bad it's fun though... now I've got to see if I can find it again.
I have it and I really don't like it. Of course, its always fun to turn on and play once in awhile but .... I don't really find it all that fun... and the characters are a little beyond cheesy.