is my Shining Force cd running to fast

Heya all, I just recently "recieved" my copy of the ShiningForceCD iso
(and of course i'm loving it), but the first thing I noticed when the opening sequence began was that the subtitles and the voice over were not timed together. Then I got started on the game and I felt as if I was watching a game that wanted to get to the end before I did.

Has anybody else reported this problem and or have fixed this issue.

Thnx for your help
ISO/MP3, I see

the MP3s need adjusting. you need 2 seconds at the end and/or beginning of each MP3. or maybe 2 seconds stipped.

depends on which way the off-dubbing is.
are you using a ntsc or pal mega cd/sega cd unit?

if youve got the opposite one to the iso, then you probabbly need to fit a 50/60hz switch to the megadrive/genesis

are you also sure its the us iso youve got and not the eu/pal one? (if your using a ntsc system anyway)