Jap Imports

I was wondering if anyone could name some good jap dreamcast imports. One's where you don't need to know jap to be able to play them. Thanks
Ikaruga... Sequel to Radiant Silvergun from Saturn.

Shooting game
no need for japanese reading to play
You can get Rez in English too (not there's much text), but any version's gonna set you back a lot now.
Thanks SegaSquad
I just looked this game up on the web and it looks interesting
Going to have to pick this one up. Any more peeps? Thanks alot guys, just trying to keep the dc gaming in my house alive
Cool Cool Jam (I think that's what it's called) is good if you like other music games in general. Rez is a really great music game too, good suggestion SegaSquad.

Oh, and if you want a good fighter, King of Fighters 2002.
Here are some others to try....

Fire Pro Wrestling

Hundred Swords (don't know if this came out state side)

Fighting Vipers 2

Macross M3

Gundam vs. Zeon

Rainbow Cotton

Guilty Gear X

Ummm.. if i think of any more i'll post em.
Originally posted by Butane Bob@Jun 25, 2003 @ 09:42 AM

Ikaruga isn't the sequel to RSG, it was developed by the same team though.... Rainbow cotton is crap, looks pretty but crappy game - the 2 saturn games are good.

Check out www.classicgaming.com/japangaming if you want some info on Jap titles.

Ikaruga (GC, DC)

Treasure's unofficial sequel to Radiant Silvergun is coming to Nintendo's console.


It is the "unofficial" sequel to Radiant Silvergun.
Essential 2D Fighters:

Guilty Gear X

King of Fighters 2000

King of Fighters 2001

King of Fighters 2002

Capcom vs SNK 2



Zero Gunner 2


Space Channel 5 Part 2

Samba De Amigo 2000
I disagree about the KOF essential Fighters for dc...

KOF 2000 and up are crap. I can't speak for 2002 since I haven't played that yet.. But 2000 and 2001 = crap :puke: