JAP Saturn and a UK power section thing?!

Right.... here goes.

I want a JAP saturn, and to run it in the UK, I would need a Stepdown convertor. Now, I have a UK / PAL saturn that doesnt work properly. Could I take the power section out from my UK saturn (you know the board where the volts come in?), take the JAP power board out and replace it with the UK one?

Would that allow me to run a JAP saturn without the need for an unreliable stepdown convertor?

Or would that just be stupid?

Your thoughts please :)

(oh, tell me if you understood that)
It would depend on wether they used a similar power supply board and main board.

There have been several revisions of Saturn hardware, so there's no guarantee of compatability.

You might be lucky though...
The only thing wrong with my UK saturn is a small component on the back of the mainboard has burnt out. I poked this small component with a pair of tweezers and it fell off.. so, it's f**ked now :)

As far as I know the power board works.
This may or may not have anything to do with this particular instance, but I replaced a burnt out power supply on a Japanese Saturn with one from an American Saturn of the same revision...works fine.

Hmm... The Japanese Saturn says on the back, "100V" and the American one says "120V".... I wonder if that means that the Japanese Saturns will have a harder time, even possibly burn out sooner, on an American 110v socket?
given that it's the same PSU type (several different ones were used across various models) , it will work just fine. make absolutely sure the pinout matches, tho.. on most models the voltages are written next to the white connector.