Japan rpg to english translations?

I've patched and played FF2-3 on the NES. of cource both of those never made it to the US. I found a place with patches you applied over the rom. that was several years ago. Now that i'm getting into Saturn so heavily I'm finding RPG's that I can't seem to find English versions of, Like Blue Seed. Anyone know of such a place that has patches for Saturn cd games?
"Saturn cd" games?

Are they supposed to be a hybrid between Sega CD and Sega Saturn games?
If you look to your left there's this little menu thing. It's for navigation.

On that menu, there's a link entitled:

<drum roll, please>


. . .
I remember awhile back there was a group that is trying to translate langrisser 3 (warsong) in english...I don't know how far they went...but they did offer the iso on the net to test it out...

I will look to see if i still have that link...

I wouldn't be surprised if there are more of this type of translating for japanese sat games...

The Langrisser 3 translation had done by someone called Elfshadow and the hacking from Cyberwarrior. As far as I know it's to early for a complete patch but the current patch (Alpha 0.02) worked erfectly for me! It has translated the menus only but the game it playable till the end!

I wish I could help these guys more but all I can do is "testing... testing ...testing..."
whew! 2 games in the translation section, modding out the japanese saturn games is hot I see..

Please tell me there is someplace with more on translations for the saturn.
You're as capable of finding that information as we are. If you're so critical of the amount of translations, why don't you do one yourself?

Thought not
I have looking (quickly) trough shining force 3-1 and couldn't find a single word

I guess there is some kind of file compression ...

I'm wondering then if there's a doc explaining how to do a text dump ...
Originally posted by Myname@April 22 2002,08:48

You're as capable of finding that information as we are. If you're so critical of the amount of translations, why don't you do one yourself?

Thought not

lol, your no help.. I love this board, it's just one flame after another and nothing gets done..
Case in point (you can figure that one out).

Part of the reason is, well, it's in Japanese, and a solid Japanese to English translator is needed. Another part is: that's a whole lot of text to translate. Dedicating that much time to translation is a pain. And finally, with the Saturn being quite the dead system, it's hard to find a groundswell of support which equals volunteering for this kind of venture.

Case in point pt. 2: how many members does this board have? And of those members, how many people regularly post (as opposed to asking a stupid question then moving on)? And of that smaller number, how many people post something worthwhile (or, in other terms, how many people are 'contributing' to the community)?

And so on. Many a night ago I did the math (why? because I had nothing better to do). Essentially, they were very disheartening numbers (and they were very, very conservative estimates).

As a final note, after the above prerequsites are answered, you have to keep in mind this system (the Saturn) is being pillaged as a warez console, much like roms (I think it's plainly/painfully obvious, anyways). Much like coders for emulators, it gets frustrating; why would you dedicate that much time for something that is a) free and
people don't appreciate fully anyways?
I wasn't flaming you, just saying that the people who put so much time into making translations do it for free and you shouldn't complain about their output (or percieved lack of). Be grateful for what you can get. All you need to do is whack 'Saturn translation' and whatever game into a few search engines and you'll see whats going on, if something is in progress or whatever. Possibly you should change your attitude, this forum is very helpful in general.
whatever, I encode (thats produce for all you Leeches) for Soldats Anime we translate and put a lot of time into our videos so don't give me your bleeding heart "I know but I don't do" crap. I hate getting lectured by a bunch of do nothing leechers. If you don't know fine, don't post. Just because there are few people doesn't mean the morons should answer all posts so please, if you can't help, go back to your Pron are whatever else it is you do.
You make me laugh mate, you should post more often. All I did was make a suggestion. If you're the king of translations, why don't you offer your services to someone who makes patches?
wow, you sure impressed me with your arrogance and the fact that you suposedly encode some anime ive never heard of, do you have any sort of cut deticated to you yet? id like to start one. the homepage will be http://www.goatse.cx and it will be the bestest site ever for lits of saturn patches so you dont have to pay for originals! fucknut.
If you look in the links section you will see a link to translation next, we have 3 games being worked on for the saturn. Translating RPG's for the saturn is a huge task, the scripts are the size of books, therefore not many translators want to work on them.
Umm, Raedon why do I doubt you encode for Soldats. I've never noticed your name on any Soldats anime, it's not on the current member list and I can't imagine Soldats members need to whine here to find translated games...
Raedon is my gaming name.. Leander is my encoding, doing good in the world, and not being a dick name. I took over Soex from BakaMX when me and Akari moved to Soldats with HKenshin and Ama.. I'm currently ripping the DVD episodes for Star Ocean EX 24-26.. 24-25 are done but not released, Akari is editing 26 as we speak. Hk just released Chobits3, Noir finally got licensed. Nightjed is still churning out Ippo episodes that i don't watch.. etc.. etc..