Japanese 3rd party memory cards. How do they work?

Well, after i bought 2 such carts (they boldly claim they are 32 Mbits) i cant find out how they work.

I have it plugged in the socket, and i enter the bios screen. In the memory manager, nothing except system memory is there.

Then, i tried to play alone in the dark 2, its a memory eating bastard, so i thought that it should recognize the memory cards ok. But it just saved on the system memory as well. I know that non official memory cards are not recognized as additional memory from games, but i just tried. The funny thing is that i cant really get the usage of it.

How can i save to this thing? If i cant, then how can i transfer saves to it? Is there a manager hidden anywhere that i dont know of (

help me use this @%%# thing.

I will contact the seller of course, but i thought that the replies would come more complete here.

I'd suggest playing around with the card, putting it in, taking it out etc. several times. I own a 3rd party mem card and it seems to have a very low success rate of being detected by the system, but once I get it in just hte right place in the system, it will every time until I remove it.
They are probably ram cartridges and not save cartridges after all.

Thats what i think at least. I tried to move it a little, take it out and insert again and again to no success.

My question is :

How will i know that it worked? Will a backup cartridge appear in the memory manager of the bios?

OR will games show me the cart so i can save on it?

I thought that 3rd party backup cards do not appear in game, so you can only transfer saves to it from the bios.

Whats the deal?