japanese saturn translation patches

does ne1 know if many of these patches exist

ive only been able to find 3 - but i find crap loads of snes translation patches (WTF sega haters?)

does ne1 know of groups that are working on saturn translations or know of places to find them (if many exist)
i think the proliferation of snes translation patches stems from the fact that it's regarded as an rpg system.

of the 3 you found were any 100%?

i wanna play shining force 3.2 & 3.3 in english but i'm pr'lly gonna have to wait another 5 years
There are no complete translations out yet and may never be since most people don't like the Saturn as much as the PSX and therefore would rather translate it's games.

SF3 may never be translated, it's compressed up the ass.
let's hope that saturn translation will be as good as snaes if not better there is a group translating langrisser3 and they will also be doing snatcher for saturn, there are some trnslations going on for turbo duo and psx so i hope more and more groups will start translating for those systems, i know it's very hard work but i think it's worth every second spent
have faith skank

despite the fact that the saturn has few devotees than the psx those that it does have seem to be somewhat fanatical over it, they also seem to be a great deal more intelligent on average.

decent emulation will also spur an interest in the hacking/translation scene

son't get me wrong though, i'm not gonna hold my breathe over it
Snatcher. :
the patches ive seen were the same ones mentioned here but i also thought i saw one for one of the hentai games i dont remember cause i wasnt interested in that

but certainly id be happy with a read along text -- i was wondering how do those guys that translate the games get the text out in the first place i was wonderign how readable a text could be made buy running all the japanese through a translator program and if is kind of makes sense to try to rearange it into standard english
SkankinMonkey are you going to use the sega cd version script or are you going to translate the saturn version from start to finish and as close as poseble to the original saturn script?
o.t., but this is the only place i can think of to ask this

serial expeirements lain, the psx game

all the dialouge's spoken right?, so would it be possible to make a copy of it and replace the sound files with home recorded ones to make an english translation?
subtitling would be damn near immpossible, whereas it'd seem to me that dubbing it would be relatively easy. a fan dub off a decent fan translation would make for an enjoyable (and gaijin playable expeirence)