Just want to crawl in a hole and cry

Okie, by all means I'm a fanboy, and a pretty pathetic one at that; I'm 20 and hell I seem to have no life other than school, work and what seems to be a dieing relationship with a girl that likes me. Not that Sega's succees means anything more to me than lets say a girl or my life, but the thing is I've been a Sega fan since god knows when and I wanted to work for Sega ever since I understood that you needed a job in life to survive. With the exception of its brilliant games which make me so damn happy, I think Sega's done nothing more than bite it's self in the ass. So whats the point of me saying all this? Simple, I think I can make a difference if I work for them, I don't have a lot, I'm not all that bright. But let me tell you something, I'm loyal and persistant, and I think this world needs its Sega, its underdog that makes other underdog's smile. So someone tell me where the hell I start? Cause all this recent news about Sega getting its ass kicked by EA has me so damn pissed, I know I can do something If I had some say in it.
Who cares how many units a game sells? Sure I'm a Sega fanboy 2, but would it have made a difference if Sega trounced EA in sales? Not a lick. Don't let dumb things like this bother you. Besides Madden IS Madden. The name alone will sell copies. As far as working for Sega, what the hell go for it. Send them your resume, if they say no, offer to work for free. Of course I don't know where their offices are, but I'm sure they've got a couple in the states (I'm assuming your from the States).
I know how you feel, I allways wanted to work for SNK, but they went under to soon and now its too late.
maybe you can work on Sonic Advance 2 or Super Monkey Ball 3

takes a lot of programming knowledge, but, if you can do it, and take classes to learn more about it, go for it.
Hey ramirez... he didn't say a single thing about who's outselling who or all that business stuff... I do agree that Sega bit itself in the ass numerous times (although they have rebounded nicely since going software-only, it appears)...

as for Lord Jiga...hey...don't cry man
you could contact game magazines and ask for info...heck, try the local library, start reading up on stuff on how to get into the gaming business.... and I don't think you even really have to be a programmer, after all games need DESIGNERS and ARTISTS too (listen up Hylia).