JVC "Twin Operator" VCD Daughter Card


I was wondering if anyone could tell me if the JVC "Twin Operator" VCD Daughter

card can play both PAL and NTCS Video disks? Is the JVC VCD Card the same as the

Victor models? I currently have a Victor RG-VC2 card which does not have PAL

playback. The later versions RG-VC20 and RG-VC3 do however. Can somone let me

know how the JVC "Twin Operator" is diffrent from the Victor models, and if

they can do both PAL and NTSC VCD Playback?

Thanks, I really appreciate it.
Victor IS actually JVC (Japan Victor Compay) :))

RG-VC2 and 3 have PhotoCD capability added to MPEG decompression.

Victor RG-CD has a great decompression quality!

Victor VCD cards do read Pal and Ntsc format.
I have a version 2 Victor card and it cannot play PAL VCDs. Are JVC and Victor cards the same, but just called diffrent names by the public? or are they diffrent brands of cards made by the same manufacture?

I think JVC and Victor cards are just different names given by the public, as I don't know of any VCD Card with JVC brand.

There are Sega VCD cards, Victor VCD Cards and Hitachi VCD Cards, plus1 another unofficial made in HK.
Phew! Those unholy resurrection rituals really take it out of you...

Any idea who would sell this "unofficial" VCD card, or what kind of chips it's using?
Im sure most Chinese stores carry it. "HK Best VCD" brand? The IC's on the boards usualy have the component IDs and such scratched off. Usualy a hint it was a stolen component, or a reject which didn't meet another companys component quality standards.
The JVC VCD RG-VC20 Card is the same as the

Victor RG-VC2 model, except it DOES play PAL and NTSC format video discs. It also has the JVC brand on the label and is all in English. The on-screen interface is the same as the Victor card. The RG-VC20 by JVC may just be the Asian-market version of the RG-VC3 card by Victor, as the box for the JVC card says 'for sale and use with Saturn sytems in Asia'. The instruction manual for the JVC RG-VC20 is also in English and Japanese. I don't know if the RG-VC3 or other Victor cards have English instructions.