JVC X'eye


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JVC X'eye

Just won an auction for an X'eye off ebay ($65 for it and 23 scd/genny games isnt too bad?) and was wondering if anyone knows what it will do as far as playing copys, regional protection, will it work with a backup ram cart, and anything else that might be of intrest( i already tried to research this, with little sucess, but i did see the wondermega 1 system, which has got to be the best looking system ever)


JVC X'eye

AFAIK the X'Eye will run everything the standard Genesis/SCD combo will. As with the SCD, there is region lockout but no "security ring", the Genesis side has the same lockouts. RAM carts should work fine.

The only thing that may not work is a 32x - it doesn't fit, I think.