JVC Xeyes rare? Anyone got info?

I just bought one of these off ebay. I think it was the last one. As of right now, I don't see anymore on ebay... Anyone have any information about these? Im waiting for it to come. Can someone list websites that talk about it? Also anyone know how rare it is? Just curious
more rare than a Sega CD model 1 or model 2, but not a really rare item...

Put it this way, I wish I had one


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I stumbled accross in a used game shop. I asked the owner, and he said this strange unit came in. When I asked him how much, he sold it to me for $40.00 (the price for their Geny/CD combos)

After cleaning the thing up, it worked like a charm. He even through in a free Sega brand memory card.
I luckily got mine off ebay for only 15 bucks. It didn't come with the ac adapter but the gen 2 ac adapter works fine.

It is somewhat rare in the sense that it is harder to find than the sega cd 1 and 2 but not as rare as say the sega cdx (which i also have and got for 10 bucks) but will take some searching for it.

It is a very nice unit. It is cd+g karoke compatible althought i haven't used this function but it has a mic input for the system. This is the US version of the much better Wondermega (version 1 is the best). I am still trying to get the wondermega but since i've been spending my money on neo geo stuff right now, I have no desire for it at this time.

I believe it doesn't play the locked out sega genesis games such as the Ballastic titles since they weren't licensed. I believe there is a FAQ out on the net. I would check Eidolon's Inn for more info on the system.

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heh, thanks for the info. I just got it yesterday. Won it off ebay for $59.00. At first I thought I got ripped off. The person gave me three very dirty sega genesis games. So I was trying to test the genesis part, it didn't work. I had to clean the games. Thank god. Everything else is perfect on it. Tobad I don't have the manuals or box.

Im also trying to get a CDX, never had any luck getting one of them yet.
They used to go for close to $100 on ebay, but its gone down a bit...

But i can tell you this much, X-eye is far superior to either Genesis/Sega Cd combination. It only takes one ac adapter (genesis model 2 if i remember right) and requires no speical AV cables (just 3 Rca ports on the back). The thing puts out in proper stereo at all times as well, so even genesis games sound much better on it.


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Err, so how is it superior again? My Genesis 2 and Saturn use the same output... so I can get a Sat A/V (or perhaps even S-video, not like it would matter) cable and use that. Besides, if a game has mono sound it will always have mono sound. It will spit sound out on both speakers of course, but it'll be the same sound.

Well, I guess having one AC adapter could be a plus, but I have plenty of plugs for all my systems anyway.
saturn and genesis dont use the same AV cable.....

And there are games that have stereo effects in them, like on Contra Hard Corps, theres a moving from one side to another on the intro where the characters slide across the screen.


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I said games that are mono will always be mono.

Err, and I see they arent the same now. They sure looked the same when I looked at them sometime late at night. At any rate there are stereo RCA cables for it.