Keep My Blood Red!

G'day guys,

anyone know of a patch in existence that can permanently keep saturn House of the Dead's blood red, instead of having to enter the debug menu everytime?

something to patch the iso/bin maybe?
Haha! Man, you must be joking!
gee Tony, that's not a way to respond to someone's first post
... he's got a valid request, at least it isn't the usual "how do I burn XYZ" or "does someone know where to get ABC" <_<

As for answering the question: I HAVE NO IDEA...
In theory, you could make the blood whatever color you want if you hack the game and replace the blood textures. Or the palettes, if it's 8-bit (odds are the blood textures are the same, but the saturn merely switches pallets to get green or red blood).
well, you could make your own code using the method described in the readme.txt that goes along with the comms-link package! (provided you have a comms-link card of course) Just start the game with its master code, keep the blood green, dump all memory and then turn the blood to red, dump the memory again, and run a binary comparison. Voila! If everything goes well you have one byte that's different, and you'll need to set that as an AR code. If I had HotD i'd do it myself, but alas.
Cheers for the replies fellas, I'm can't program to save myself. I was just looking for something easy and executable, like the language patches made for a couple of games a while ago... obviously, it dosen't look like there is any available. damn!

m3d10n, your guess was right, the blood colour change is not in the textures, its just done via the palette, in the original work on HotD, it was being coded for red blood and the textures were created accordingly, there was lovely red and magenta and pink shading to make the textures look like big chunks of meat flying everywhere!! when sega gave the order for green blood, the textures were re-done and they were optimized for green hence when the palette is changed to red, it dosen't look as good as it did when work originally started....

can you tell how much i play this damn game...