Kiki-Joy Playstation Game Pad Converter

Ok i know this is more of psx question.. but does the Kiki-Joy Playstation Game Pad Converter work for winXP? I saw some places that review is say it did, while others say no it wont. I just wondered if anyone has purchases this item and can tell me what their experiences with it where.

(In case anyone is totally clueless this is a simple device that lets you connect your ps1 or ps2 contorllers to the pc via USB port)
You shouldn't have ordered it, this is a shitty psx converter. The response time between the PSX controller and PC is noticable, like 0.6 seconds. I had a hard time playing any of my PC and emulated games on it. You would think that it would be a quality converter since it's made by a well-known motherboard manufacturer, but it's not. I bought two of them at Fry's Electronics, so hopefully it is just a defective batch that Fry's received....

btw, don't even think about using the analog stick with that converter.
damn, that sux. Well i hope mine works better. The review for it said it worked great.. but who knows. To late to cancle my order since its been shipped already.. oh well. ill be out 12 bucks or so if its a total waiste. What one would you recomend using?
Hey guys.. Just wanted to add that the one i bought also did not work with windows xp and i tried everything!! i removed the drivers and uninstalled and reinstalled several times and did tons of searches and didn't find crap.

I called soyo tho and they told me they do not support winxp but after explaining the problem to him he wanted to test the one he had on my computer. Fortunately there business was down the street from me so i popped it in and it worked perfectly. They do not know what is causing the problem yet. Apparently a lot of these devices fail on systems with via chipsets running windows xp but work fine if your running any other os or a different motherboard.

For example the one that did not work on my computer worked fine on my friends system running windows 2000 and also worked on my other friends winxp system but it had a sis chipset motherboard. If you call up soyo they might be able to test one for you to make sure it works and swap it out.. otherwise your gonna have to do a lot of returns untill one works.

Just to make sure your getting the same error as mine did, was it the error code 10 device cannot start?

Well i hope this helps.
Yea error 10, device cannot start.. I also emailed Soyo and their offical respsonse was that "Kiky-Joy does not support the win XP platform" apparantly from what you say it does support the win XP platform.. just not certain chipsets AND winXP.. Anywas i tested mine out on a Win98 box and it worked great, so i simply sold mine to a friend and bought the EMS USB2 device.. its only a few dollars more, works in XP, and apparantly doesnt have the button lag that I have heard some people complain about while using Kiky.
Just to let you know, both me and my friend tested the convertor on VIA chipsets and in Windows 98SE, maybe that was the problem.