Hey guys...

The other day I was at a pawn shop and some guy was selling off his wares to the owner. I wasn't paying much attention, but suddenly he pulled out a sega CDX!

He was selling various other items such as a N64 and games. The owner offered him only $40.00 for everything. The guy was kinda upset and left. I followed him out the door. I said I was interested in purchasing the cdx unit from him. He asked for $10.00 and I said ok.

And now I am a proud owner of a CDX in great shape.

The only problem is that there are no hookups. I used my genesis 2 ac adapter and it works great but the RF didn't fit. Is there another rf adapter that works with the cdx unit?


That's odd, cos the European CDX (MultiMega) uses the same RF, AV or SCART cable as the MegaDrive 2.

Maybe they changed it for the US?
Yeah...I know..i thought that too...but the rf didn't fit. The rf I had for it was only 3 pins....but the cdx looks like it takes more than 3 pins and it didn't fit in right.

The game store said go for the genesis 2 and 3 a/v cable...they said that will work for sure.

The genesis 2 ac adapter works fine... I tested it out and played some music cds...

Oh well...I'm sure i'll find it this week...