large file size

I d/l striker 1945 II but, unrar it and everything is fine. But when I load up the cue sheet in neo it says the file is like 4 gigs :woah: what should I do?

I have the same problem with clockwork night, ive tried writting the image using cdrwin but that didnt help just came up with a dao error,

if you could help on this post it would be great as everyone says look through the rest of the posts which i have done and they all say to look through the posts which is no help

Thank you
Maybe try Fireburner.

Actually there are lots of threads covering this topic. Here is a good example.

The search function is quite useful. :

I used the search but it didnt turn out any useful posts thats why I wrote on this one.

The post you selected helped so a Thank You is order.

Ive tried fire burner so it was my last resort to try here.