Last Bronx...


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:( :ph34r: :blink: :D :lol: :rolleyes: I have recently going back into this game, and I was wondering of all the fighting games on the saturn, why this game (a quality one) doesn't get much press.. what do you guys think, anyone like or dislike this game? :D :lol: :cool: :p :ph34r:


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Quickly boring! I played that game for hours on end. Last bronx is one of my alltime favorite saturn fighters.


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I've always been interested in this game, what sort of replay value does it have. I doubt I'll be able to find anyone who wants to play vs fights :( so it would have to have features for single player like VF2's ranking mode, VF4's Kumite\Quest or even a simple survival mode.
I only have to say that this Game with DOA are the best fighting Games for Saturn...(sorry , but VF2 in my opinion are not better)

P.D.:Excuse me for my bad English ....I´m from Spain :smokin:


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I swear, I just stared at that wolverine gif you have in your sig for like 5 minutes... I need to goto bed lol.

edit: okay I just did it a second time... it's really time for bed lol!
Nice game but it seems almost that if you've got a long enough range weapon, all you have to do is get the first blow and chain an juggle to win. One thing of note is that it seems like with a little more tweaking it could have gotten jump in attacks equal to that of Mortal Kombat 4, which I suppose is due to the way the 3D is presented in this game contrasted to other 3D fighters. The trailing edges are odd. Graphics look kinda bland and/or blurry on some stages.

As for replay, well if you keep beating each level you unlock a new harder level. If you can win undefeated or something you can keep fighting till you get to two grey fighter models. They're kinda tough and fight in a new stage. There are also some pics to unlock as you beat the game with each chracter, as well as unlocking those funny looking weapons, fish on sticks, train nunchucks and the like.
Didn't the Japanese version come with, like, 2 CDs? I forgot what was included in the 2nd disc...

BTW, I fucking LOVED the fact it has an anime intro, instead of the usual so-so CG. It kinda has a Rival Schools feel to it.
Jap "Special CD" contains :

- Voice theatre

- Mini Drama

- tons of tactics

- kind of souped up practice mode made of lessons to master each character

- IIRC, you need to go through that disc in the Jap version to unlock RedEye