Legend of the Green Dragon

DAMN your such a bastard -- picking on a newbie -- ill rember that -- ill find you and HAVE MY REVENGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :smash :devil :hehehe:

how do you find people to attack them? - anybody?
yea i just whent back and took a look around i saw that unfortunatly you werent there

sucks that the messaging dosent tell you who killed you
has ne1 tried to go thrill seeking?

what is that -- do you fight enemies higher than your level ?

damn i forgot what was my real question
I know that slumming is fighting enemies of lower level than yourself, so I guess thrillseeking is enemies of a higher level.
I haven't found one yet... but do you really need one?

I've come to realise that it's not that complex. ;)
well im trying to find out which class is the best - what charm does - spirit points and several other things -- it also would have helped to know that when i close the browser i can be attacked by another player and have my money stolen and my experience points taken away -- that sucked big time - when i leveled i had no money to buy weapons and couldnt fight badguys and kept dying - later i found out going slummng meant fighting easy enmies -- i thought it meant going to the bad part of town were theives, whores, and blackmarkets were--
We are starting to add some new creatures and are putting in some restrictions such as email verification and one account per person.
If you would like us to add a monster list the things below:

Monster Name:

Weapon it attacks with:

Death throw saying:

lvl creature should be: