Legend of the Green Dragon


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Remember the old BBS game Legend of the Red Dragon? This game is the exact same thing except it is not for telnet/bbs systems. I am hosting this game free for all you SegaXtreme members out there. This is alot of fun so have at it!
You only get a certain amount of turns per day to make it fair for everybody so make them count!

You strap your Fists to your back and head out for some adventure!


The Forest, home to evil creatures and evil doers of all sorts.

The thick foliage of the forest restricts view to only a few yards in most places. The paths would be imperceptible except for your trained eye. You move as silently as a soft breeze across the thick mould covering the ground, wary to avoid stepping on a twig or any of numerous bleached pieces of bone that perforate the forest floor, lest you belie your presence to one of the vile beasts that wander the forest.
Hehe, my first day playing my spirits are very low and I loose 2 out of 10 turns. Talk about bad luck! :damn:
Haha, you tried to attack a lvl 2 character when you were only lvl 1. Go to the forest and lvl up. Plus I have a rake! Fear me leaves!
Is it supposed to reject logins after turns hits zero for the day? I can't seem to log in and all it will say is "Error, your login was incorrect".
You can fight a couple times per real day. Look at the time on the LOGD game, a day goes by quickly.
That sucks, Ice is the only one online and I get wooped by him.

Is there a squirl or something I can spar with?
this is not that bad - kind of like mud but easier - just use mouse

i didnt read all the rules -- how long is a day 3 hours or a miserable 12 or somethign long like that - i want to get back and kill some more hikers --LOL :smash :devil --

one thing sucked though - i came across a dead dude with a note to go and save a princess and i felt i was too week to go -- has ne1 done that yet is it easy -- how much experience do you need to survive a quest

ps : can you form groups
Originally posted by Supergrom@Jul 29, 2003 @ 05:11 PM

i think a day is 6 hours (so there is 4 game days in one real day).

the worst thing thats happened to me (besides getting killed) is a dwarf danced around me with a riddle and i tried to answer but i couldnt :( then he made fun of me and danced off and I felt like an idiot

ha ha ha -- should of had an option to stuff him in a bag and hang'em on a tree

the guess my number guy is easy - i wish i bet all i had

i like this thing - pretty good break at work
oh i didnt know you can sleep -- i just closed the browser when my moves were up

do you get more moves as your level increases -- 10 moves sucks
I lost a turn because you haunted me!

Your turns do go up the higher the lvl you are. I think at lvl 4 you increase to 1 more turn a day.