Legend of the Green Dragon

Originally posted by IceMan2k@Jul 30, 2003 @ 07:23 PM

If you would like us to add a monster list the things below:

Monster Name:

Weapon it attacks with:

Death throw saying:

lvl creature should be:

monster name: special help for googlefest

weapon it attacks with : 10 extra levels and 10,000 gold

deaththrow saying: nextime i will give you 100 charm and 10 magic levels

level creature should be: 1

that sucks 1 account per user
Monster Name: Whorey Mcslutbag

Weapon it attacks with:Leading on ways

Death throw saying:

I know that I hurt you and I am sorry. I dont want to anymore

lvl creature should be:4
Originally posted by googlefest1@Jul 31, 2003 @ 01:38 PM

that sucks 1 account per user

It has to be this way to stop cheaters like Jurai from creating multiple characters to get their gold...
oh i didnt realize you could do that - i have other accounts (im sure people can tell by the names) but they are there own characters but if i have to choose one i will

ive been checking out what are the diferences between the classes -- i was gonna make more for the third class until i read what iceman said

before they get deleted can i choose one

but anyways -- limiting accounts wont do anything -- all people have to do is make multiple emails

oh and the jurai monster was funny
Just a few random oddballs to consider... didn't give levels because I don't really know what the range is or how they scale (been too long since I last LoRDed).

Monster Name: Outsourced Customer Service Rep

Weapon it attacks with: Indecipherable Accent

Death throw saying: I'm sorry, could you please repeat that *one* *more* *time*?

lvl creature should be: whatever

Monster Name: Shigeru Miyamoto

Weapon it attacks with: Left-Handed Guitar

Death throw saying: Why aren't you cheering at the new Zelda?

lvl creature should be: pretty darn high, I hope

(this is fairly obscure, but was in my head for other reasons, so here it is)

Monster Name: Gavin Thornton

Weapon it attacks with: Vector Table Relocation

Death throw saying: Oops, looks like he hit "Start Game Without Cheats".

lvl creature should be: fairly high

Monster Name: Neoconservative Radio Host

Weapon it attacks with: Family Values

Death throw saying: Why do you hate America?

lvl creature should be: meh

(see sig)

Monster Name: Donald Knuth

Weapon it attacks with: The Art of Computer Programming

Death throw saying: Now Volume 4 will never be done...

lvl creature should be: see Miyamoto - this guy is a living legend

Monster Name: Basket Man

Weapon it attacks with: Dot-Surrounded Head


lvl creature should be: high - after all, encountering this guy is a recipe for ass-bewilderwhupment.

~ ~ ~ Fight ~ ~ ~

You have encountered Jurai which lunges at you with insulting words!

Level: 1

Start of round:

Jurai's Hitpoints: 10

YOUR Hitpoints: 20

Your skill allows you to get the first attack!
i think the best monsters so far got to be sony fanboy and jurai

since this is an official SX game how about using some enemies from sega games

like Dr. Robotnic - the aliens from space channel 5 - the bad guy from altered beast - etc -- also mabey characters from competing companies like mario and crash
stupid medium bat... stupid can't run away... ahh felt good to plunge weapon into banshee's breast and end her song :flamethrower:. and that jurai monster is funny. :hehehe: who else leveled up on there first day? oh and skeleton crew is very handy... next time i am gonna save it for when i go thrill seeking.
yeah I'd like to see the game more Sega-ized.

Please list all the Sega bad guys you can think of.

Weapons too
Originally posted by Supergrom@Aug 2, 2003 @ 04:43 AM

ok how about:

Monster Name: Silly South African

Weapon it attacks with: NintendoXtreme/Tendoweb

Death throw saying: GO POST AT NX RIGHT NOW!

lvl creature should be: 2 or 3 (so lots of people see it)

<3 Karny :wub:

I played around with it a bit, but he's in there. :)

C'mon people, we need more creatures, weapons, armor and taunts.