lethal enforcers 2 - sega cd

I downloaded lethal enforcers 2, and the tracks 11 to 19 are 7 Kb total size! Each consists of 0,051 secs of silence!

Is this allright? It seemspretty strange to me...
Nah, something's not right, I popped the disc in and there's music on every one of those tracks.

Tracks 14,15,16 & 19 aren't more than about 10 seconds in duration, but they do have short music passages (probably end of mission/"you died" types of quickie music, haven't had time to play it yet). The others range from roughly 2.5 to 6 minutes.
Shit, then I have to redownload it. And anyway, there's a lot of noise in all the tracks, AND they were binchunked too!!!

Such a waste of time downloading it, if it's in such a bad condition!