Light Gun Problem

I got a light gun and a good amount of light gun games a few months ago and the damn gun doesn't work right.. It shoots, but only towards the middle of the screen, if you attempt to aim at something towards the outer edge it simply reloads. I know I'm not aiming off screen as I can put my gun right up by the TV and it still does the same thing.

I don't know a lot about light guns, does anyone know what exactly is goin on?
Have you tried to calibrate the light gun?? (usually on game's options menu...)

Are you using a flat screen tv?? or some hi-scan tv (e.g. 100Hz) ??
Yeah, I calibrate the gun every time I try to use it because it always shoots way off to the left.. I don't know if the TV is high scan or not seeing as I didn't buy it. But I really doubt it, it's 5yrs old and wasn't horribly expensive.

I really think the problem is within the lightgun itself.
Is it an original Sega lightgun? Cause, if got one and after a year or so it started to have a similar problems it just shoots past the edges of the tv when your aiming inside, whilst when aiming in the center region of the screen the gun works just great. I asked the guy at the gameshop were I bought it and he said that it was a lens problem, evertime you don´t handle the gun with great care (e.g. dropping it on the floor) the lens can shift a bit giving rise to all kinds of weird malfunctions. Only option was to buy a new one..... this doesn´t really help you @ all... sorry sometimes it just sucks ???
Gah, that does suck.. It is an official SEGA lightgun, I got it used from a shop for 10bux. I guess I need to start looking for the receipt and get another one from them. Lucky for me they carry just about everything a gamer could possibly dream of, even Atari 2600.

Thnx for the info.. it does help me some, I know I can't fix it and need to return it.
Well, unless you live around the St. Louis area you might have trouble getting to it. But if you do and are a gamer, I would imagine you would know about it

They are my candy store, they have absolutely everything. Saturn, 3DO, Atari, Master System, Intelevision, Jaguar, DC, PSX 1&2, Gamecube, XBOX, Genesis, SNES, SCD, 32X.. anything you can imagine, and all in extremely large quantaties.. *begins to drool thinking about it*

And they don't have a web site unfortunately.
there's nothing like that where i live

the only way to get saturn games is through ebay

another 2 months that'll be true for d.c. games as well\

though when i went to visit my siter last weekend i found a copy of ecco, phantasy star 2 and shadowrun at the funcoland in her neck of the woods. if they'd have had space harrier 2 and herzog zwei i'd now have all the games i had for the genesis before i gave my genesis to a young cousin. i'm kinda tempted to be a real dick and get it back from him as it ws one of the original ones, you know the type that doesn't display "produced by for or under liscence from sega" when you flip the switch

they also had a copy of project justice, but i didn't get it because i was looking for rival schools 2, damn localization
@ Mr. Moustache , well did you get a refund??? What did they say about the gun?

Ow and if they have such nice things why don´t they have an internet site... boy if I had so much stuff as a shop owner I would make a international website and sell my stuff
I didn't get a refund as I lost the receipt, but alas, I have a plan. I'm going to buy another gun next time I go there, then the I'll go back a week later or so and take the non-working one and tell them they sold me a shotty gun and I want another. Therefore in the end I'll have 2guns. Yes, it is a little misleading, but I'm not really stealing, simply getting a replacement for an defective item they sold me.

And as for the web site thing.. you got me, I'd have a web site if I had all the sweet stuff they have. Though I believe they're working on one, I doubt it'll be up any time soon though cause they're all a bunch of slackers.
Hey smart move... I hope they don´t sell you a second sloppy one, otherwise your plan won´t work :
: Hope it works!