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I have a JVC D-Series 32" curved CRT (AV-32D302) that I recently got to replace my Trinitron WEGA. The Trinitron's geometry was so messed up in one corner that it could not be adjusted with the service menu... Ok, off subject. My light guns won't work on this new (to me) TV and all shots on Virtua Cop 2 register off-screen as reloading shots.

So I could not use the Stunner or my NYKO Cobra on the flat CRT, so when I got the JVC D-Series with it being curved thought it may work. Neither light gun worked with an s-video cable, so I tried the original composite cable but that did not work either. So now I'm trying to figure out why the guns won't work. The odds of both guns not working is slim, but possible... I have no idea if has to do with the modchip. I'm at a loss. I thought having a curved CRT would allow me to play Virtua Cop again.

Any suggestions or advice would be appreciated.

Update: Neither of my Saturn guns worked, but the Dreamcast one did. So the TV will work with lightguns.
So I bought a Nyko Virtual Gun (almost exactly like the Cobra but different color) and that didn't work.
So that is 3 guns that don't work. I was wondering if the guns were the issue, but there is no way 3 guns all won't work.
I am now wondering if it has to do do with the modchip. I did install it where I connected the two pins with solder instead of wiring them in. I wonder if that matters for this?
  • You can get rid of the signal cable altogether and link the signal point to point B with a bit of solder instead of linking to pin 14 of the 32-pin chip.
  • This experiment has been detailed at this thread at SegaXtreme

Any help, suggestions, etc?
For the modchip, is it this procedure that you're referring to ?

The modchip is connected to the psu and the cd block, it shouldn't affect the lightgun games tv coordinate detection.

To rule out an input port issue, have you tried to connect the lightgun to input port 2 ? Like for a 2nd player in Virtua cop, or in a game that requires it to be connected to port 2 such as Die harder in Die hard trilogy ?
Thanks for the reply. I should have updated the thread.
That is the chip and install method I used. I have tried both controller ports. I also took out the modchip completely and tried work no success. I am still stumped.
Is the console connected directly to the tv ? No intermediate device that could mess with the video signal ?
Ok. I tried plugging it directly into the TV and a different switch. Neither the composite or s-video works directly on the TV. Still registering off-screen with the Stunner and not even noticing the trigger pull on the two off-brands (Start button works on all guns).
What do you mean ? There's no picture when you connect the console directly to the tv ? Or it's just that the lightguns don't work ?
Just the lightguns.
Everything is the same using the switch, directly plugged in, and using different cables.
The stunner recognizes the trigger as off-screen shots, the other 2 don't recognize the trigger as any shots. The start button works on all three.
The triggers that don't work on the other lightguns is weird. That could be an input problem on the console, but then the trigger of the stunner shouldn't work either.

Is there any video processing on that tv that can be disabled ? Any lag introduced by such processing could prevent the screen coordinate detection.

The curved screen doesn't guarantee compatibility with lightguns. It's down to the way that the tv displays pictures, which must be exactly how the game expects it.
Looking through the manual (manual link) there seem to be no processing settings to turn on or off. It is a 60Hz tv, again according to the manual, so it should work with the guns. I will browse the menu and look for settings I may have missed. I did already try different brightness, color, and other picture settings with no luck.

This is not a new problem: I have been having it since 2015... I thought it was the flat TV I was using back then. When I got the new JVC I was hoping it would solve the issue. The off-brand guns work with my PS1 but not the Saturn. I just can't figure out what is going on. You can read more details from 2015 here.

UPDATE: So if I leave a regular controller plugged into port 2 the Stunner works. The other off brands do not. It is weird. I can't play 2 players but at least I get single player. Any idea as to why there has to be another controller plugged into the second port?
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