Lightning Bolt!


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Found this on another forum I occasionally browse. It had me in tears


It is "live action roleplaying"...I pity the human race.
hey, give the brother a break. if he likes to larp then he likes to larp. i used to larp myelf, but haven't had anybody to larp with for a long time. So, i spend my time playing rpgs of all nature. haven't gotten into the ad&d stuff yet, but i hear it's pretty fun... the way i see it, it's just another dimension of rping. see when we play the games on our console or pc systems, we all get in touch with the main char from the begining till the end. larping is just the same, except you really are the main char of the rp. of course rules and such are set into play when larping but it can be of your own design or anything. some people go so far as to larp ad&d and VtM... just another expression of ones love for rping and adventure and so on-so forth....

Lynx D.

Sidenote*:Larp=live action role play
I knew people that did this. Scary group of people. But actually, if those people know what they're doing and are actually keeping track of things, I'm impressed. Besides, I like to throw rocks at people too. But I usually scream some profanity while doing it, so, ya know, keep your eyes open.
Well.. At least they're getting some fresh air and excercise, not like us sun-starved console geeks