LOBO Genesis Unreleased - Community release

Ryo Suzuki

New Member
We at SEGASaturno have a working prototype of LOBO for the Mega Drive/Genesis, an unreleased brawler settled up in the DC Comics' LOBO universe. Ocean was planning to release this for both the MD/GEN and the SNES in 1996, but it was cancelled for both platforms at the last minute.


We have set up a community donations stage in order to cover the needed sum to release this. This LOBO prototype is in fully finished state (I don't think the retail game would have been any different) and will be our next release at SEGASaturno if things come out fine.

If someone's interested in participating, you can see all details in: http://forums.hidden-palace.org/viewtopic.php?t=2838

Thaaanks to all!!