Looking for Cha Cha Maracas

I was going to pick up two sets from Lik-Sang since the price was $48. Then I found out Lik-Sang wanted another $48 to ship it here. I think that price is a bit BS since I shipped a Neo-Geo CD system with 4 games all int he bigass box for less than that but oh well.

Looking to buy two sets of maracas (that would be 4 maracas total) so if anyone is interested in selling, let me know. 3rd party maracas preferred since they're considerably less costly.
I swear I just saw them maracas for a whopping $19.90 (per set) last night, it was either on www.play-asia.com or www.gocybershop.ca - the good thing about the latter being that it's in Canada, so shipping would be much less of an issue. Give it a shot.

Thank god. I really appreciate that URL. I'll order some later tonight when I get home from work. Their forms have problems working in the Macintosh verison of IE.

That's a really neat shop. Do they have any referral system? I'd mention you if they do.
Shit >_< Backorder.

They say they'll have more in in 10 days... I'm scared. When Lan-Kwei told me that, 3 months later I still didn't have my Wonderswan copier. To date they've still never got those back in.
Ahhhh, crapola. I'm sorry... But I guess, check back in 10 days
or just have them alert you via email when it's in stock. In the meantime you might even get lucky on eBay instead... always worth keeping an eye out.

Cheers for the referral idea
Even though I don't know of any such system
And here is why online companies are the devil. I sent them this e-mail only minutes ago...

It's been another week.

I've been waiting for the cha-chas for 3 weeks now. When I made the order the website did not indicate they were on backorder. You still don't have them in. On top of that I've already been billed for the item, which not only hasn't been shipped, but isn't even in stock.

I was expecting to receive the cha-chas shortly after the order was placed. This is why I ordered overnight shipping. There was really no reason to believe they would take more than a week to arrive since they were not listed as backordered.

I'm not very happy with my service. Please cancel the order and credit my account.

I don't know about Canada but in most countries, they don't bill until it ships, or at least till they have it in stock. I'm rather offended they billed my Visa for $80 despite NOT EVEN HAVING the product they promised to ship me.

If they don't comply with my request, I guess I'll file a complaint with Visa.
I'm beginning to wish I hadn't mentioned gocybershop to you. Very sorry for your troubles; hope you get the money back though...