Looking for NERO ISO burning guides...

I've downloaded a few ISO's etc from various French, Spanish etc. sites.

Pity I only speak English isn't it.

Can anybody point me in the direction of some clear and concise instructions on how to burn these things correctly using NERO?.

I need to make sure I actually have all the relevant files, and the right options are selected in NERO.

Any help would be appreciated...

Hmmm, CDR-WIN won't detect my CDWriter.

I'm on a laptop here, with an all on one CD-RW drive.

NERO is ok with it though, but I don't know how to use CUE files with it...
Oh sorry about that bro.

Lessee, Im trying to think, I dont remember using cues on Nero, but lemme ask..

Is the game you are trying to burn, one file? i.e. .bin, (the RIGHT way) etc or is it an ISO with mp3s? (the WRONG way)?

If its a .bin file, (like it SHOULD be) Nero should run it, all you need to do is click on "all files" on the file select, and yous hould be good to go.

course i could be wrong.
Open Nero, open the "File" menu and select "Burn Image". Or in the wizard, select "Compile a new CD", "Other CD formats", Create a CD from an image file", "Finish", and in the dialog that opens select your cuesheet or ISO-image.

Note that for a game in ISO/mp3 format you need a cuesheet, if you try to burn a regular mixed-mode disc the ISO will be burned as a file.
Thanks for your help. I'm slooowly gettin' there... I think.

Right, so we've establised I can't use CDR-WIN, and my method of burning is with 2 ISO files (PC Eng), a load of wavs, and a .CUE file...

...which, incidendly will not open as an IMAGE file in NERO.

I've already burnt a coaster by not using the CUE, the audio works - but as you said, the ISO's are burnt as files.

So, thats leaves me with...

1) What other programs can I use with a CUE file (apart from CDR-WIN)?.

2) WHEN is NERO suitable for burning games in this way (apart from images)?.

Thanks again...
Nero has some problems with using several data tracks in the same compilation, especially if they use different formats. (There are many threads on the subject in this forum, just search back for them.) For compilations with just one data track it works very well.

Someone else will have to help you with alternative burning software, I'm afraid.
Here is what I would personally do:

1) Find a way to get CDRWin working. Seriously. Because you're constantly going to be dealing with the same format in almost every case... and CDRWin is good for the bulk of these games.

If you have version 4.0a beta, try rolling back to the earlier 3.x version (I forget what # it is). Try the latest demo, read the forums, perhaps check for driver/firmware updates for your burner.

I'm not trying to make CDRWin sound like the be-all end-all of burners, but when you learn how to use it it's gonna make your life a helluva lot easier. I use Nero, but I find it nowhere near as reliable (Nero spits out a lot of coasters on my machines) and CDRWin is just more geared for this... probably because they invented the cuesheet method.

2) If that doesn't work, mount the .cue sheet with Daemon Tools. This will create a "virtual" CD that you could redump into a Nero image format (I strongly suggest a disc _image_, not another ISO+MP3 deal). If you have a bunch of MP3s, grab the MP3 to WAV converter in the misc section here, it can't mount MP3s.

*note that if you use Gens, Kega or Magic Engine, it's entirely possible to mount cue sheets/file sgements and then actually play them in the emulators. This gives you better load times than running off disc, or.. the original machine, in some cases

Finally, you are setting yourself up for a lot of disappointment by downloading some of the ISO+MP3 "rips"; more often than not the MP3s are not ripped correctly and will be out of sync. There is no practical way of fixing them.
Right! Even closer now.

I have managed to open the CUE in NERO as an image (the problem before was just the length of a couple of audio tracks).

I burned the disc, and it seemed sucessful.

When using Magic Engine it says 'Disc Error' rather than 'Not a PCE cd', so it's getting there. Probably something to do with NERO having trouble burning games with 2 ISOS.

Im going to try a game with just one ISO file now, and see what happens. If all fails, I'll do my best to get CDR-WIN going.

Thanks for all your help.