Lunar eternal blue - burning help needed

I'm new to the whole Sega CD burning scene, and I just downloaded a rar file that, upon extraction, landed me a series of files. The files are:


Lunar2 02.mp3

Lunar2 03.mp3






Now I know that there are different ways to burn from bin/cue or iso/mp3, but can anyone tell me what to do with these files to burn them and what the extra files (like the .brm) files are for? Any help would be GREATLY appreciated. Cheers!

some idiot rared up his entire collection, including his emulator savegames and a music recording from gens.

you only need the bin and mp3 files, trash the rest. burn them as you would an iso/mp3.
Okay, more troubles. So I converted the bin to ISO, used Sega Cue Maker to make a cue, but when I go to burn it in Nero, I get two messages. The first says, "It is a foreign or unknown image file. You must set options to burn this image. Would you do it?" If I answer yes, a box comes up in which I select Data Mode 1 under type of image and 2048 as the block size. However, then when I click on OK, I get the message "The entered block size is not corresponding with the image length. Mostly the block size is entered incorrectly. Do you want to correct it or ignore the problem?" If I go to ignore it and start the burn anyway, I get a program error, so I'm out of ideas. The bin file works in Kega, so I don't know what to do. Any help?
If I try to make a cue file using Sega Cue Maker, I get a message that says there are no ISOs or RAW files when I hit the generate cue button. That's why I thought I needed to convert the bin to ISO, but that doesn't work. Is there another way to make a CD from a bin file and MP3s?
if it's a bin, it should come with a cue... yeah it did. right here:


i think that's it