Lunar Music Video?


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What do you think of it?

The quality isnt the best but I think the person did a great job with it.
does it have to be a sega video
Originally posted by JohnD@July 31 2002, 1:46 pm

does it have to be a sega video

uh, yeah, buddy...the name of this site is SegaXtreme, since you so obviously havent noticed
Sega Videos on a Sega site...imagine that
i havent watched it yet. I assume these are made an sent in to you by sx ppl right? if so dont you think a little faq page for encoding audio/video would be a good idea. some of them waste 30+mb on pcm audio, some have crap picture quality, some just dont know why its important to pick a decent codec. well maybe with a little help an some common sense people could learn to make videos look good.