Mansion of hidden souls


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Myst is more of a challenge then Mansion of hidden souls. I played mansion of hidden souls for the sega cd though not the saturn.


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I was small when i played mansion of hidden souls and couldn't beat it for beans. I say go with myst.
Myst owns Mansion of the Hidden Souls anytime.

MOTHS is short. VERY short. I beat it in half an hour. And the FMV is *very* subpar (I only played the Saturn version).

Myst, even being based on static images, succeeds far more in setting an atmosphere. And the puzzles will make your brain twist.
MOTHS is short. VERY short. I beat it in half an hour

me too. i mustve been what... like 11 or something when that shit came out on saturn? my dad brought it home and i beat it in half an hour so he returned it!

yeah same game as the sega cd just enhanced fmv.

mansion of hidden souls is more of a fmv adventure/interactive movie type thing like torico. But if you like that sort of thing DEFINATLEY get torico, its 2 discs full of it.

myst is by far a hell of alot better, more time consuming, harder, longer, better graphics, everything.

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i never really played myst but i had MoTHS, i beat and put a decent amount of time into the game. i didnt think it was bad but it seems to have gotten pretty bad feedback by everyone so i am not sure to reccomend it. i do know that u can get either or both game on ebay for extremely cheap. ppl were selling myst for 1$ on
I havent played Moths but Myst is great. However, its sequel Riven (only released for Saturn in japan and europe) is much better.

Torico rules! I love the atmosphere in it.

Also, Atlantis (Only European Sat version) is a fantastic game. If you can stand the loadingtimes its even better than myst.
Originally posted by Daniel Eriksson@Jul 17, 2003 @ 08:09 PM

...its sequel Riven (only released for Saturn in japan and europe)...

It was released in Brazil too, fully translated and dubbed in Portuguese.
I haven't played Myst that much but I think I prefer MOTHS. I liked its story, mainly because it reminded me of a story my sister wrote years ago, about butterflies and looking at the moon and having someone sorta forced to be under someone else's control.