Master gear converter for Genny?

I recenrtly picked up a GG with a Master Gear Converter (allow SMS games on the GG) and was wondering if anybody has tried to play GG games on a power base converter. If the only difference is number of colors couldn't there be a converter to allow GG games on a Genny without loss or change of colors? Or am I wrong?

BTW, great idea to start this forum!
I remember reading somewhere that someone tried that, playing a gg game on the powerbase converter, but since the pinout of the gg games was different, all the colours were messed up.
has nothing to do with the pinout, the GG is in fact better than the SMS, hardware-wise, as it supports more colors etc.. which the genesis' SMS compatibility mode doesn't handle either.
As far as I can remember, the color RAM difference is the only major difference between the two systems from a software compatibility standpoint, though I've also heard that some GG games play tricks with the LCD that would cause flickering on a TV...
alright.. for your information:

I have an eprom cart for SMS, into which I can put roms burnt onto eproms.

works great with SMS games, and today I tried with gamegear games: it displays the sega logo, then shows "software error", on any game.
Someone wired "poker face paul's poker" to a "hang on & safari hunt" cartridge then when he started playing, He was able to play it but it was unpausable and the colors were mixed up.
The "software error" message basically means "invalid checksum" - it comes from the checksum routine in the SMS BIOS. The GG doesn't perform a checksum, so it isn't necessary for GG games to have a valid one.