Master System games, 3D Glasses 4 Trade

I've been trying to build my collection by buying off of ebay (usually in lots), so I've accumulated a few doubles or triples of games and just was wondering if any fellow SMS fan had some doubles lying around they would like to trade. Heres what I have..

These have both instructions and box


2)Action Fighter

3)F-16 Fighting Falcon

4)After Burner X 2

5)Shooting Gallery X 2

6)Out Run

7)Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego

No Instructions

1)Great Golf


3)Double Dragon

4)Out Run

5)Hang On/Safari Hunt


7)Thunder Blade

Also, oddly enough, I have a copy of Altered Beast, but its not altered beast, its Missile Defense 3D inside the Altered Beast cart, if that makes sense, this has box and instructions (for altered beast).

Finally, I have a pair of 3D Glasses with the adapter that are in working order, minus one of the arms. These appear quite scuffed up, but I've used them and the scuffs dont affect the vision at all, its just a pain to keep them on your face without one of the arms.

So thats it! I dont really want to sell any of these, just trade for something I dont have, and I realize most of them are pretty common, but if anyone needs them...hit me up!