Mega Drive 2 (E) issues

Hiya folks,

i'm new here
so i don't know if that was already asked before - nevertheless, i would appreciate all kinds of help

okay, here we go: i bought myself a sega mega drive 2 (european/german version) at last week. it arrived here yesterday - but when i tried to connect it to my tv i was very disappointed. the mega drive was the last system missing in my console collection - but i never had that much trouble finding the proper video signal. instead of explaining everything i tried to reproduce some of the tv pictures i got:

-> that's what it's normally supposed to look like

-> that's what i got before fine-tuning the signal ???

-> and that's the best picture i could get with the antenna-cable

(sorry, but it looks like there's some trouble with displaying/linking the gifs directly - simply copy/paste them into a new browser window)

the console system is equipped with a simple standard-antenna rf-switch (which is okay, although i would have prefered a scart-cable). but even the master system 2 cable creates a better picture.

i mailed the guy who owned the system before. he just told me what i already knew from the instruction manual (look for channel 36, fine-tune the pic etc.) + he mentioned that i should try to find the signal by using the 3 in 1 game card (which was included in the packet), because the NBA96-card wouldn't show colour. errrr?!?

first: the nba96 card doesn't work at all
(okaaay, it showed the "presented by sega"-screen once, but that was all)

second: have you ever heard about game cartridges which don't show colour? i mean, we're not talking about an atari 2600-game, right?

i was wondering if anyone already encountered these problems before? could i fix that with a new rf- or scart cable?

or is it normal that mega drive-cartridges start to become that crappy after a few years? yeah, i know - that sounds really stupid. but ... bah, i should simply send the whole packet back to him
i think that he already knew about those problems anyway (--> nba96 in B/W? see above).

thanks in advance

carts themselves don't go "bad" this fast, and if they did, it wouldn't cause ugly pictures. I recommend you get a scart cable (also on and try with that.