Megadrive 2 display problem.

I have two Megadrive 2, and both have the same problem : a vertical stripe at the left of the screen, and the screen is flickering.

Im using an RGB cable connected via a SCART connector (to an european TV set).

I don't have this problem using my Megadrive 1.

What is wrong?

I've heard that soldering a capacitor on the mother board could solve this problem. Is this true?

Also, how could I play my mega cd games in 60 hz. I've modified the Megadrive and it works well, but the mega cd refuses to work with.

Thanks for your answers.
They both use the same type of cable (one cable for each).

Also, I've tried to use them on another TV set, but this don't help.

The megadrive 1 works well (the cable is not the same, but a megadrive 1 type, with the black plastic box in the middle of the cable). And the display is much better (no flickering).

Is it possible that the Megadrive 1 displays a better image than the Megadrive 2?

Thanks again.
No idea, don't have a pal tv
boot the mcd in 50 hz, then switch to 60 before the game starts (do it while the mcd bios screen is shown)

you should get a perfectly fine image on a md2 though