mickey mania cd

1. The last track of mickey mania cd consists only of 1 minute 14 sec of silence.

Is that allright?

2. Also, is there a program that will "unbinchunk" soundfiles ( delete the first 2 secs silence)?

I noticed that if a game has been binchunked, the second track (first soundtrack) is the only one to have correct length...

Up to now, I did it with soundforge, but I'm getting tired about the evaluation fuss...
Looking at the original disc with WinAMP's playlist gives me:


CD Track 1 1:30

CD Track 2 2:08

CD Track 3 2:07

CD Track 4 2:03

CD Track 5 2:09

CD Track 6 2:02

CD Track 7 1:27

CD Track 8 2:10

CD Track 9 2:09

CD Track 10 2:06

CD Track 11 2:09

CD Track 12 2:10

CD Track 13 2:08

CD Track 14 2:30

CD Track 15 3:04

CD Track 16 3:02

CD Track 17 2:05

CD Track 18 2:04

CD Track 19 2:04

CD Track 20 2:07

CD Track 21 0:15

CD Track 22 0:32

CD Track 23 2:05

CD Track 24 0:22

CD Track 25 0:12

CD Track 26 0:10

CD Track 27 0:14

CD Track 28 0:07</pre>

Track 28 is nothing but silence, but it's only :07, which is wildly different than a minute and fourteen seconds. I can post a cue sheet for MM from the original if you like, but I don't think that's going to help any for this. Although I don't think it matters much *shrug*, it's a dead track.

I don't know of a tool that will unbinchunk. A few months ago someone recommended an MP3 trimming tool that lets you edit MP3 track lengths without having to resample (the downside to using Soundforge is you're essentially resampling it every time you save). But I can't remember its name, maybe someone can help me out here.
well, I made a typing error, the last track is only 1 minute 04 secs. Still, it's a big difference, maybe you've got the us version (if there is one?) I've got the eur version.

Thanky for posting the lenghts of the tracks! The only difference exept the last track was trck 7, which is 1 sec longer in my version. Actually, I just "unbinchunked" them one by one yesterday with soundforge.

Well, my only worry was that the last track might not have been supposed to be silence. Thanks.
I once grabbed an awful copy of that game that had the audio all screwed up. The files toward the end would have the end music of one track, silence, then the first part of another track. It was almost as if someone just ripped the music in one, big file, then cut it into smaller files, but at the wrong points. Listen to some of the other tracks, especially near the end. It's possible you have the same bad version I once did.