Missile Defense 3D in Altered Beast cartridge

Just an odd remark/question maybe. I got some master system games in a lot and one of them is Altered Beast (according to the case and the cartridge label) but it is actually Missle Defense 3D. Seeing as theres no way to see if a master system cartridge was opened, did this happen a lot? People would rent games and maybe switch the insides just to have the new game? There wouldnt be much of a chance of this coming from the factory like this I assume.
Happens sometimes. I'm sure it was altered after the fact -- those games were released some time apart from each other.
I used to have a friend that owned a rental store, and stuff like that used to happen quite a bit, but most of the time, the new game that was put in the cart would be destroyed, because the renter would not want the cart to work. The renter would mess up the pins or chip somehow, sometimes breaking it or pouring bleach on it or something. If it worked, they'd know the cart was switched out. If it didn't, the rental company would just think it died.
interesting, too bad its completely useless to me or anyone else really. Unless someone else owns Missile Defense 3D with Altered Beast in the cart instead, maybe I'll post it on Ebay as a super rare cart and some moron will bid on it, or maybe itll continue to sit in my box of broken/spare/extra master system stuff.
Ive swapped a few carts from rental places back in the day;)

I wouldnt ever destroy the swapped cart though.

Our town had several different movie rental places when movie gallery started coming on strong. Everyone was trying to get a piece of the movie rental pie. So what you do is find some low budget place and rent some carts and do a swap here and there and dont ever come back.

Last place rental place that was available didnt have security stickers on the vhs tapes so just swapped out the stickers on some crappy movie I had in my collection for a nice bruce lee flick i really liked. Few months later the place went out of business;)

yaya shame on me.