MK (1,2,3?)


Ok i'm startin from the beginning. Me and mysticales were talking on icq and i challenged her to a good old game of mortal kombat on gens. needless to say, i kicked her ass. Now, i need a challenge. if anyone lives in the USA and would like to challenge me i'd be glad to accept. i'm taking usa only cause i don't want a lot of lag. ... FATALITY.


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At first it was "get over here", then they changed it to just "come here". I think I liked the first one better;)
I thought they all sucked... but Scorpions speech in MK1 was a rare highlight


Yeah, I never played a Mortal Kombat game I thought was any good. Took all the thinking out of Street Fighter and replaced it with cheap controversy (as so many did at the time). Was Mysticales Kitana by any chance?


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If you ask me 2D fighting has it all over these 3D fighters of today. MK, you either love it or hate it. I loved it. I battled my brother for hours in 1, 2, 3 and U3. I personally liked 2 the best. Although I was disappointed with it compared to the SNES version. I still need to get me a 32x, and when I do that'll be one of the games I score.

And I too liked Scorpion's "Get over here!" better than "Come here!"


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i got mktrilogy for pc. and the other versions on mame, but they run ultra slow. btw, it was get over here AND come here on trilogy, it waws random.