Okay, I have read over the modding threads and now I'm even more confused.
I have a Model 2 Saturn (round buttons) with a non twisted 21-pin cable (between the main and cd boards). It says MK-80000A but on the back of the case, and all the other posts said they were 64pin IC's w/ two square ICs on the cdboard. On my cd board, I see a square IC w/ 64 legs and a rectangle one with 32 legs. Which do I refer to in my search for a modchip?

Jaded God

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You have a 32 pin ... Just bridge the mod with some solder from point A to B via Mal's Method and Fit the +5 power wire snuggly in the psu or solder it in


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*opens his MK-80000A*

JG is right. There is also a square 80 pin IC on the '32 pin' CD board.
Man, you guys are amazing. I cannot thank you enough.


I counted the square one, with my glasses ON thistime, yeah its eighty. My mistake. <_<