Mod a Master System


is it possible to mod a SMS1, SMS2 or the Master System Coverter, so that I can use my Game Gear games on it?

I knew that it works in the other way with a converter for the Game Gear.

Furthermore the Master System and the Game Gear have the same hardware, too.
I don't think that's possible. The Game Gear is a bit different inside.

Although it's essentially the same system the Game Gear was a more advanced version of the Master System, Updated so it can display more colors and can handle a little more on screen action.

I'm sure there are more reasons.

I believe this has been discussed in the past, you could do a search to learn more...
GG games "run" on the SMS adapter for genesis, using my eprom cart.. but the colors and some of the graphics are totally messed up, pretty much unplayable.