mod-chip question....

I have a lik-sang mod chip on my (old) Model 2 Saturn & it works fine (ok, I have to open & close the lid to play backups, but I can live with that - anyone else have to do that???)

I also have a MK-80000A Model2 Saturn (made in Philippines - Feb. 97) and It is a bit different inside than my other Model2 - on the 21-pin ribbon cable there is a small circuit board between the laser unit and the console... I tried to get my lik-sang mod chip to work with this saturn with no luck (it's been a while & honestly I may not have tried to open/close the lid like i do now to make it work) i seem to remember this thing being called a mod-trap or something somewhere.....

anyway, does the extra circuit board prevent mod-chips from working, or is there a different mod chip that would work better with this Model Saturn.... all the mod-chip info I can find assumes you don't have this funky circuit board thing on the ribbon cable (I do remember when i opened it the circuit board looks original, not like an add on, and the ribbon cable is too short to remove the funky circuit board thing without a longer ribbon cable or maybe replacing it with a mod chip)...

anyone have any knowledge they can share on modding this model..??? (it's not terribly important as I have a working modded model2 and a model1 i can use the swap trick on)


Mike G has some instructions for modding Saturns with the PC trap board.

Whether it will work with a Lik-Sang mod or not, I don't know. They seem to have some compatability problems. If it doesn't work and your still keen to try modding the Saturn, maybe try a Gamegizmo mod.
Thanks for the info - that looks like it will help, I may just order a Gamegizmo mod-chip if they are more reliable than the Lik-Sang ones....
It's not so much that they are less reliable, but they don't seem to work with 64 pin ICs.

They work fine with 32 pin ICs, I just don't know about Saturns with the PC trap.

I've not tinkered with one of those yet.